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Turn it on and click it baby

Not the best one on the album, Prince-ish, but I happen to like Prince so THERE!

Station Parade
Jimi Hendrix feel to this song

Great live band - Check this one out!

Sound familiar?

quirky pop 801
No way is this Prince-ish! This is totally 70's Rolling Stones Disco era! I stand and I demand a recount! I'm argumentative and confrontational, so there! Punch me if you want. Oops! I fell of my chair...

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The Talent Searcher 2
This is not Prince, this is not Rolling Stones Disco era or anything else. This is a mix of a lot of different styles turn into a Spoon´s song . Disco , funk,etc. and ooh yeahs with hearfelt commitment . Chords marking the 2nd and 4th beat all the way trough. The voice is a mix beteen falseto and normal voice. Talented Spoon.

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