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All songs written and deformed by JPCB

Song Comments

Singer Songwriter Storyteller
OK, ready to be mellow, and sit with groove ? Minimist musical stylist JCB gives a new slant on acid jazz trip trance. Sit back, relax and meld into the musical surroundings.

Out Tha Box Sound System
Thy rhythm surrounds you and next thing you know, you're floating weightlessly on music....Funkadelically speaking.

Soul Retrieval
Nice layed back jazzy feel.

Yet, Untitled
Love it!

An Emotional Response
Feeling the touches!

RPW Radio
totally cool, the world should paddle upstream with Jack.

ALtErNaTiVe ReTrO aNd PsYcHeDeLiC
This is actually a really cool track..A strange hybrid of early 70s space soul,jazz,psychedelia and pop-with some neat little unexpected twists running all the way thru..The one intensely annoying thing (and what initially stopped vme adding it) was the speaker-bustin' bomb going off everytime the bass drum thumps..Anyway i now have the complete IAC JPCB set..Do i get a prize?

A Jigger Of Jazz
Jack Says It Best Himself: "Experimental, Unorthodox, (but damn it’s catchy) Alternative rock, with a flare of R&B." I Agree With Jack. It's Different!

Call It Love
Quietly quirky, like a well-meaning stalker, The Jack Paddle Cover Band are sure to write a few jaded love/lust songs along the road to ruin. They're a good example of allowing influences while never letting one trend dictate the direction of their sound. I'm really looking forward to hearing the next batch and seeing how far they can push the burnt envelope.

The Lamestream
Touch this

Doobs Tubes
He insisted! :) (Sorry for the tardy response)

AOR Overflow
Am convinced it will grow on me ... just not sure when (or if it's antibiotic resistant!)

:::Abominable Snow Shaft:::
The Abominable Snow Shaft 'tests' the JPCB

fReE mAn LeEs' FaVoURiTeS
brill.... i want more

Jack means I wanna touch EWE!

Yetis are happy but bigfoot.............
Yettis have analyzed the lyrics of this song for 10 years , there is a secret code that says that people like to touch , some like to touchdown , others are touche monsier dartagnan and some milk the cow too.

The Good Stuff V
Where the hell has Jack been?! I miss the guy. And songs like this are the reason why. Despite some annoying habits, the music speaks volumes. Slow groove, here with glurgling, blurbling synths, and snatches of falsetto peeking through. It'll get you to THAT PLACE, if you know what I mean.

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