DirgeK That's How We'll End It
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Song produced at F Jam Online Collaboration Studios

Another song about the breakdown of a relationship. Dirge said that this song was sung in the form of a 'sigh' and she wrote the song as therapy for herself.

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Author melody, lyrics, vocals - Dirge K
Author music, electric lead gtr, rythm gtr, and bass - Paul Corr
Producer, Drums, orchestration, spanish gtr, arrangement, editing, mix/master - Fred E. Jam

Dirge K (c) 2004

That’s how we’ll end it
I’m a weight lifted from your shoulders.
No point in saying the reps we're a superfluous strain

I get the picture; it’s spontaneously been emblazoned
on an invoice to recipients of a dying flame.
Stoically I sit, it’s reasonable to end it I say

But I’ve no recourse to judge anyone
when they leave on me isn't it just what I asked for?
Isn’t it just?

I’m a vacant space with no walls
no doors to kick down
Now watch me now watch it, all fall out


That’s how we’ll end it
in a gentle but deceptive hector
I always thought I was the expert in abandonment

All those fatuous threats
I made to free myself of you
Now I see, it’s you who’s hedged your bets
Song Comments

Musicians For Compassion 2
A wonderful inspiring song

Human - Animal - Peace

beautiful changes, what a lovely cruise...god bless...

a great "sigh" by dirgek...

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