Shannon WrightEverybody's Got Their Own Part To Play
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Song Comments

Got Music?
The simplest songs are often the best. Ms. Wright gives us a steady pounding of fortissimo quarter-time chords on her piano to remind us of that here. A tastefully done number, that features some measured playing by the band and some interesting shimmering sounds for a wash. My only gripe is that the recording could sound clearer, but this is a first-rate number (thh).

Very pretty descending 60s style piano-led pop song-with similar chords to Go Now..Spaceboy really likes the sighing chorus-and agrees that 'Everybody's got their own part to play' and Spaceboys is killing the slime-lizard would-be earth invaders..

Wreck On The Highway
Great gritty slam in the head from words sung with passion and a real singalong feel that gets you on a heartbeating level that I can't explain & I just love it!

AOR Overflow
I love the way the piano chords carry this song along - with a stronger hook this could easily be an sing along anthem as well as working as a ballad.

Nice piano descension tracks the verses and complements the slightly slapback vocals.

With production by Andy Baker and Kyle Crabtree (Shipping News) handling the drum kit, Let in the Light is the culmination of three years of work for Shannon. With the exception of the drums and bass, she plays all the instruments on this album. On Over the Sun, Shannon was focused on blending and creating new guitar sounds, challenging herself to play differently than she’d ever heard before. This time, and more than on any of her previous records, she focused on the piano – an instrument on which she’s completely self-taught. With Let in the Light, Shannon finally lets herself go and allows the time and emotional space to create the record she really wanted to make. It’s earnest and sympathetic, open and vulnerable. It’s her most revealing work yet.

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