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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Chi-town FAVS
Barefoot on a Dirt-Floor
Davies Ison And Friends...
De Clock is Ticking
I Like Strange. ~M~
Acoustic Meltdown
The Demonstration Station
Missing The Beatles?
JP Sharpe Presents IAC Super Songwriters
Wreck On The Highway
Ye Ole 4 Track
Beneath The Shining Moon
What should I call this station anyway?


It's amazing what you can get away with when you know the recording is gonna sound like crap anyway.

Written and performed by Todd Leiter-Weintraub

Recorded on the cheapest of equipment, we KNEW it was gonna sound bad. So we thought we'd see what we could get away with!
Lead vocals were recorded with a mic that came with an old phonograph, plugged into a Boss distortion pedal. We tuned the stereo in to a station of static and cranked it in the background, too. Since we didn't have a bass with us that day, I did the "bom-bom" bassline.

So awfully recorded, it's perfect.

Having originally appeared on Lo-Fi Is Better Than No-Fi At All, I also stuck it on the end of As Drawn By Ethan... as a "hidden" track.
Why do I feel so good today?
Nothing’s gone right
For just one moment in my life
I’m not feeling uptight
As if there’s nothing left to say
Don’t hand me speeches
As if there’s consequence to pay
I don’t care how far it reaches

And if my actions
Cause you dismay (Q)
I don’t care
What can I say?

Why do you look so glum tonight?
Can’t you smile like I do?
Isn’t everything allright?
Don’t worry you’ll get through
In just one moment I’d swap lives
And we’d both be happy
This one last thing you’d do for me
I’d remember you fondly

(Q) x
Song Comments

Davies Ison And Friends...
Todds little lofi gem,seems as if it was MADE to live on this station,surely now finding its true spiritual home..Hop On Pop are an excellent creative guitarpop band,with cool,creative 60s influenced songwriting and an uplifting sunshine vibe in their music,which is always welcome.. The Yummy Song is an old favourite of mine,showing that if you've got some inspiration,a cool tune and some spirit you don't need no fancy 32 track studio and 'pro'engineer.. just a battered old tape recorder will do to to share the love...:)

I Like Strange. ~M~
An enjoyable listen. I like it! And the lo-fi quality simply adds character... -M-

Missing The Beatles?
Missing The Beatles?... and a little Revolution #9 flare...

Acoustic Meltdown
This is genius low-fi by Todd. If this is "crap" I guess I like crap :)

Yeah, but it fits

The Demonstration Station
This is a demo. One of the crustiest order.

Wreck On The Highway
Wacky land never sounded so good!! Endearingly off the radar & I like how the vocals are faraway sounding, the tunnel effect & background humming works for me, rollin!! Oh & the honks & hoots just zap it to the humour zone, yaaaaaa!!!!! Get a load :)

yeah, pure heart and soul brother!

stretching the limits!!!

De Clock is Ticking
the whole lo-fi vibe of this song just makes it all the much better! listen for the hommage to "crazy train" love it!

What should I call this station anyway?
A perky song from a pop meistro or somethin' like that.

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