Summer and the SinnersHOPE AND PRAY
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Great Justin Hayward tune and the Sinners Group does a superb job and with Summers vocals , it just works .One of the best covers ever of this tune

Summer and the Sinners- written by Justin Hayward

Song Comments

Gotcha by the BLUES
Booker T and the MGs comes to mind and the vocals are spot on. The singer's voice kind of reminds me of Kelley Hunt. ...not sure if you know who she is, but here's her site:

Skylark Global Z-Ped Music Player
Two of the better remedies for the worse cases of the blues. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani

Mystic Blues Radio
A Great Killer Tune, gotsta luv the womans singing yow

Flying Fred´s Germany Indie Rock Show
UHHH Yeah this is sexy!!! Great smokey voice killer Prosuction...Less is more! I love the organ here

Toetapping Blues with some great vocals.

Another Fine Mess
one of the best voices in the blues today

Blues Music is Truth
Summer from Summer and the Sinners is not only a terrific singer, but a real down to earth nice person. I had the privilege of promoting Summer and her group during the years 2004-2007. They released 3 albums..... Summer has one of the finest blues voices out there bar none. she could really pound out the blues and really sang with passion and heart. A pleasure to work with and hope to work with her and Buddy again someday (Buddy is a superb blues guitarist with some of the finest chops you will ever hear and really gives her on this rendition of hope and Pary, I hope to work with them again someday. check there site out for more about them (this album was done in ONE day live off the floor. sweetness)

voodoohead productions
This gal got a huge voice. best woman blues singer around with buddy love ,they a great live act

music is truth II
one of the finest blues singers I ever heard and had the privilege of promoting, Summer a real nice person and just a good lady...rock on Summer and her soulmate Buddy is a killer guitarist stellar on that thang brother. ripping riffages, oh ya, great tune,.way cool.....Summer and the Sinners, one of my all time favs fo sho still love their sound

eYe 2
One of the finest blues singers around. just so so good, Summer gives it. will be seeing her at a concert soon. looking forward to it. fo sure

The Originals
from 2005 when I started to promote Summer and the sinners I got email from her before I even knew about them, and go, ok, sure will follow up and man what a voice and great band , took them on and with fantastic success on the blues radio vibe in Canada and Europe. The queen of blues in Canada, can this woman lay down the chops ,welcome to the Originals. this one will slay you, fo sho , someone has already figured out who I am, cant fool no one it seems, tried to hide it, but nope. dey got me figured out

The Gatekeeper
Another great cover from Summer and the sinners,yo growl

The Gatekeeper
one of my all time fav songs from summer. she got the stuff

voodoohead productions
first song I heard sung by summer what a trip, promoted her right off

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