Steve AprilIn Luv With My Therapist (collabro Steve Ison)
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Reached #1 on IAC genre charts, alt retro psychedelic, top 25 for over a year. Ode to the positive presence of a caring person, in this song a therapist. a sense of humor helps...

Steve April...lyrics
STEVE ISON......(excellent)melody, production, vocals

In Luv With My Therapist
You wanna hear my confessions, will they haunt you? warm breeze, cupid's dart, challenge my dreams, total up my screams, for I'm a gazelle on the run. I'm in luv with my therapist, and I know the price, welcome to my heart. I'm in luv with my therapist, welcome to my heart, admission $50 an hour.
Raise the curtains on my dramas but step lightly. part madonna, part sugar heart, i'll tell you it all, just give me a call, relax I've already paid. I'm in luv with my therapist and I know the price welcome to my heart. I'm in luv with my therapist, welcome to my heart, admission $50 an hour.
She's a cutie from the bottom of a wishing well, says i'm goin' to heaven cause i've already been to hell, I'm happy just to give her it all...I'm in luv with my therapist, I'm in luv with my therapist, I'm in luv with my therapist, I'm in luv with my therapist... x
Song Comments

The Talent Searcher
They are Ison and Aprilcartney , the new amazing songwriting team at Iac . This song drink in the wells and fountains of pop and seem to drink them slowly. Every one that goes sha la la la have heard a lot of 50s and 60s records . When you hear good pop like this , you start to think: oh wow . The song talks about transference between patient and doctor , something quite noramal cause the patient begins to idealize the shrink but later they find about it , the truth is the therapist is like anybody else ....

Steve knows how to write a GREAT SONG.....

Voices -Outside The Box
A unique original tune put together beautifully by two of the most creative writers on IAC

Velvet Goldmine
Supa-hooky,poppy experiment at trying to do 70s riff-rock by me from Steve Aprils lyrics about a therapist.

2008 IAIA Golden Kayak Nominees
nominated for Best Alternative Retro and Psychedelic Song

Nominated for the 2008 Golden Kayak in alt retro psychedelic. Congratulations...

It's Election Week, and lots of folks should read this (lol): "How to keep anger from bubbling over" - Link:

Phlegm Phavorites overPhlow
Love both of these Steves Here they are together -rockin' good fun.

Freedom Lovers
This is a really great tune, with terrific vocals (Steve April) and superb lyrics (Steve Ison) and top notch musicianship by both artists. It is so fun to listen to this energetic and well crafted song . It has a great bridge and buildup back to the main head of the song, and so well produced and engineered too. it kicks in as a rocker from the 70's and the song grabs you right off from the top. Love the harmonies and little vocal shots here and there Steve really lays it all out on this one and gives a solid performance and it is no wonder the song hung around so long at the top of the charts at IAC.....Freedom Lovers

On Account
My favorite Steve April tune so far. Very retro sound utilizing a Beatlesque backup vocal. Impressive and upbeat! I love it alot.

Monkey68 Collab Station
Fun (aren't all therapists fun?)

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