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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Reached #3 on IAC genre "no genre", top 15 about 8 months or so. Touches on celebrity faut pax, global warming, and "little pills..."

steve april
makr stein on keys, lead guitar (thanks mark!!)

Hard On Yourself

Madonna wears a fur coat to dinner
Dylan on a yacht.
Hope talks about the end of days
all the good things we got (that's hot).
Twists and turns galore, followin' the river flow
ooh la la ooh la la stumblin' as we go.

Greenland glaciers are melting
don't wanna lay a guilt trip,
greenhouse gases may sink us,
we didn't build this ship (what a trip).
Twists and turns galore followin' the river flow
ooh la la ooh la la stumblin' as we go.

Don't worry, we're supposed to make mistakes,
we're not dolls up on a shelf,
learn to trust your inner brakes,
don't be so hard on yourself.

The cryin' of humanity
echoes through the ages still,
it's all so beautiful
when we take a little pill.
Twists and turns galore, followin' the river flow
ooh la la ooh la la stuumblin' as we go,
stumblin' as we go. x
Song Comments

The talented Steve April is back with another original... he sings like a cross between Thunders/Reed/Dylan.. how could I not love this light-hearted, loose-jammin tune with some whacky keys thrown in..Randy Newman 'eat your heart out'...if yer feelin down and out about your world just crank up some April and smile awhile..this is the 'other half' of 'Loves Dangerous' (Steve Ison-other half) so get off yer ass and turn up the stereo for FUN!

It's ruff in this rollin world sometimes and a happy drunk knows it and in this tune April 'trusts his inner brakes' and may be stumblin a little, but he refuses to be drepressed and plays his music like his attitude; rockin and loose, complacent about the news and about everyones materialistic views and won't be too hard on himself or anybody else...just followin that rivers flow!

Birthday Party
Suggestive title for the later part of the party...hi Steve, welcome to the BDay fete!

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