Pete TownshendThere is No Message in a Broken Heart
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reached  # 1 on  KIAC Big 50   

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Internal Affairs
Here lays the internal affair of a legend, "There is No Message in a Broken Heart"

Indie RUUULES!!!
cool new one, 'tommy' like break

Had Second Prize & Best of Indie

Rock Goddess
Is this the missing link, to Rough Mix? Love the harmonica. Townshends's own imitable style! I LOVE this SONG...nuff said!!

LaCroix's Place
Great sound pete. Like it.

Ellas Big and Bouncy
lalala - happy tune, sad lyrics. Hmmmmm...

Bag O Nails
Fantastic song as ever

Another beautiful piece of work from one of the best writers in all of music! Great melody, wicked instrumentation and production. Hard to believe this wasn't a megahit right up there with "Let My Love Open the Door." Rock on always Pete. Your support of Indies at IAC is a gift to all!

Voices of Angels
Pete works his magic again.

AOR Overflow
Gems fall from this man's guitar almost effortlessly

Who's Who?

The Talent Searcher
This dude have real possibilities in the music bussines .The song have a real good arrangement and subtle touches and a very fine vocal performance .It will be a good promotion if he upload this in .

Gyroscope Rock

Sound and Vision
Re Healing: There's a message in the music and a special note contained therein.

Greatest Clicks
There is a message here though

Latest Wonders
One of the best from the better man.

Kayak Number One Songs!
week 118

Panacea Radio
Still got it!

Music Monsters
Reached #1 on KIAC Big 50. Whoa; you have 5 more songs here at IMP? I ask you, who wouldn't want a legend from The Who in their station? I don't know about you, but I certainly do! Saw The Who and you Pete, in Omaha a few years ago. Sat 7th row center right in front of Roger Daltrey! Was close enough to see that drummer Zak Starkey looks just like his papa Ringo. My #5 All-Time concert (see Norah Jones blurb for the 4 tied for #1). But you blokes were deafeningly (of a noise so loud as to make it impossible to hear anything else) the LOUDEST! My ears were still ringing 3 hours later and I am not so certain my hearing has been flawless since. Would not have traded this experience for anything! (Well, maybe all 4 original Beatles; LOL!)

eYe 2
Eyemazing eyelicious

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