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I can't get this song out of my head. I love the line "Had all the hey dude that I could stand". The great background vocals from Trisha Yearwood make for an addicting chorus. I bought Kevin's 2:30 am CD and after several listens I now have more of his songs stuck in my head. I think what sets Kevin apart from some country artists is most of his work is self written/co-written. I someone asked me to describe his music I would say "Take Jackson Browne, Bruce Springsteen, Crowded House and add some Country influences." 2:30 am is a first rate CD and I highly recommend it. (awr) This is the better side of big-time country music, the songs with the up-tempo, dotted-sixteenth rhythm are the best ones, the torch carrier dating back to the hillbilly music from whence it came. (thh)

Streaming Country
Currently #8 on the IAC Country Chart. This song is the kind that catches you instantly and then you can't get it out of your head. Listen for Trisha Yearwood doing backgroud vocals. Hey, if the immensely talented Trisha Yearwood endorses Kevin Montgomery, you know he has real talent! Check out the video for this song on Kevin's web site ( or catch it on CMT's Wide Open Country. The video reminds me a little of Radney Foster's "Just Call Me Lonesome"

Old MP3ers Never Die
An excellent song, well performed.

One of the great talented artists that we play on our station.

This song is Excellent I love it. Great lyrics and very nice traditional instruments and great vocals.

Music Lovers
vocal with rich tones, guitars, storytellin', what a pleasure...

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