The Small PartyWhen You Were Mine
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Track 2 On The Life of Confessions Album

Music & Words by Leighton Hume, Arrangements by The Small Party

Thank you for the time I had when you were mine
Now I may never Love Again
Leave It All Behind, what’s Past Can Make Us Blind
I’m thinking that’s what I said

You’ve asked me why I wouldn’t go all the way
Cannot stop you finding Out If I Stay
You know I’ve left before, Is it not what I want
I can see for sure, I’m drinking too much

They say when people die they’re Never So Alive
I tell them I don’t understand
Now I sleep alone I’m watching shadows fall, I cast a spell in my own hands

I can see how we could get along fine
Just go along with me and maybe in time
You could be the one, the one who could be the worst thing in my life that’s happened to me

I’ve been here before, Yet Still I’m sure
No Matter What I Say, I’ll Be Back Again

Has Love Forgotten me, I’ll tell you what I see
Maybe now my chance has gone
Secrets That I’ve Known, Stories that I’ve told
I wonder what my future holds

Hold Me Close, Still I tell you I’m doing fine
I need to change the way I’m living my life
I’m much too young, I know, I do it to myself
Watch me cry at night to all that’s been said
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The Assembly
First up for you today boys and girls are the 3 lovely chaps from a small town in Lancashire, called Skelmersdale. This song is about never giving up - something I want you all to learn as today's lesson of the day. Register call: "The Small Party?" ...

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