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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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This song was written about Government, Politics and the effect of decisions made by these people.

Recorded @ Deathtone Studios Ensdorf Germany 2006
Produced by J.R. Lee

Stop Crying
Music and lyrics by JR Lee
© Copyright 2006 Near Infinity Music, BMI, and The Told

Why look at them again, disgusted
All that they hold in this life, taken for granted
Don’t want this anymore
Can we really be saved from self destruction
Stories to be told, the lying, power, the greed
So we all suffer
Can anyone stop the crying inside of me

So look upon us now, shameful
Didn’t learn from our mistakes this time, it becomes painful
Don’t have it anymore
Did we really think time would have all the answers
Our story’s being told, man, soul and God
Been left to suffer
Can anyone stop the blame inside of me

Stop the crying inside me
Stop the blame inside me

I’ve told my story now, sorrow
No man has the right way to guide us, this peril
Can’t watch this anymore
Why did they think that the past holds no example
History written now, our children, future and lives
All left to suffer
Can anyone stop this blood that comes from them x
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IAIA 2007 Golden Kayak Nominees
Hard Alternative

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