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reached  # 1 on  KIAC Big 50   

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Greatest Clicks
and melts when you heat it up too


Voices of Angels
This band creates some of the prettiest melodies I have ever heard.

quirky pop 801
I had to get my magnifying glass and net out of the closet after listening to this.

Sancocho Music
Delicate sound and performance.Interesting arrangement.

The Talent Searcher
Minipop do great pop . The lack of pretentious intentions make their music even more atractive. The touch of elegant musical thought in the music box sound and the amazing vocal approach.This is like a music miniature but as you know miniatures take a lot of hard work.

The Johnny Normal Musical Box
Sugared Poison that caresses your psyche and draws you ever near it's deadly perfume...alluring and yet dangerous. I love this band.

BlackBox Radio
all around the corner.

Kayak Number One Songs!
weeks 36 and 38

Maestros of Pop and Rock
comin' down your street and ya get chills down your spine. I love your eyes, they're so amazing. ooh

Very entrancing....funky instrumentation, vocals intertwining amongst it....Most enjoyable !!

I feel love more than most girls my age.

The Best Artists In the World
this is not minipop, this is major damn pop. Beatiiful ensembles of musical candy.

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