Joe Strummer and the MescalerosComa Girl
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Poets & Carnivores
Fuck, Joe was great.

Politics Of Pop (Smart Writing & Indica)
Fuck, Joe was great.

KWLF (Werewolve Radio)
Fuck, Joe was great.

Fuck, Joe was great.

zing! flip! squash!--WATERPLANET radio
I remember hearing Joe and Brian Setzer interviewed on our old Modern Rock station, WHFS, while the Mescaleros were touring. What a shock it was to lose him. Enjoy. And listen to The Clash!!!

Gotta jump on the cycle w/Joe Strummer and his Coma Girl as this energetic Clash-esque rocker has enuff raw groove to keep ones tires spinning just like when The Clash were all over the rock-roadways and always winning! Strummer never claimed to change too much from one thing; Himself..and was never afraid to show it.

Cool Grooves

Strains Favourite Tunes
R.I.P Joe

ex Clash

R.I.P Joe..Woh,i've never heard this before and its totally great!..The chorus sounds like an ace 70s Springsteen track or something(When he was good)..Just a wonderful free-spirited pop song..

wings for the heart
wherever you are ;)

Phamous Phlegm Phavourites
although deceased, and obviously NOT on IAC as a contributing artist, but as a TRIBUTE, he CLEARLY should be amongnst The Phamous on IAC.... R. I. P.

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