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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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love isn't blind, it wears disguises

words: Mia Sable
music: Mia Sable & Craig Bartock
produced by Craig Bartock
co-produced by Mia Sable

verse 1:
I caught your secret code
It was traveling low beneath the conversation
But I've had my nose to the floor
Ever since I caught wind of your motivation
And how you think you're sneaking up on me
Creeping up on me

How the tides have changed for you and me
Our story has reversed so perfectly
Now you're here on your knees
And irony never felt so sweet
I can taste your heart between my teeth
You're crawling back to me
Oh, you should be

verse 2:
I saw you move in slow
You were slithering so in all your desperation
But I've had my eye on the door
And I won't fall prey to your orchestration
And how you think you're sneaking up on me
Creeping up on me

Once upon a time I tried to convince you
Not to throw my love away
You were so unkind, I stayed inside and
Cried the night into the day
The tables have turned, and I have learned
What I wish I'd known so long ago
Love isn't blind, it wears disguises
Song Comments

Sandman's Songbirds
Secret Code has always been on my long faves list and I have rotated it on and off the Songbird's page several times, but since Mia sent me a personal request and I have always loved this unique and mysterious tune here it is again for your listening pleasure. Rock on Mia!

The little station that could.
This music gets in your veins. You feel it in your soul. It's so deep and sesual, but not in a in yhour face kindc of way. it rocks you ever so gently and haunts every corner of your mind. A very pure writing is present here.

Adult Alternative Asylum
Another winning track from a classy, Creative Artist.

beautiful vocals...... flippy an cool......

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