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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Thrilling groove in 5/4 time with underlying mantras and samples

The Chillum Brothers

The words are inspired by Lord Shiva - the universal dancer and god of the chillum smokers!
Tell me have you ever - felt you’ve been here before
Turning over and over - like a wheel spinning round
Sit down by a river - or on a high mountain ridge
There I find deep within me - there’s a sense of being found
I want all of your blessings - and I’m wanting all of your love
I need you right beside me - when I’m lost and I’m alone
And please God you can show me - if there’s a pathway through this maze
I need divine inspiration - before my life turns into stone

Side by side on a beautiful hill
Walking quietly until
Every moment so tranquil
Mind and body are silent and still

Can it be that I’m looking - on the face of my own soul
Eyes that shine like the moonlight - gaze benevolently down
And with the smile of an angel - my initiation comes
Gold and silver surround me - and on my head appears a crown
It’s all praise to the dancer - who’s at one with the dance
He can take us to heaven - with a glance from his eye
And we can dance in his shadow - till he shows us the light
And in that one clear moment - we will feel our spirits fly

You and I of our own free will
Simple pleasures high on a hill
Then your laughter would suddenly thrill
Snow-capped towers are silent and still. x
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Greatest Clicks
An excellent track, wonderful concept and well excecuted

You gotta love tunes that are Truely original. This time signature makes me feel like spiders running around inside my head

Mutz nutz
clever n classy

Wow! A very different but very cool track. A whole lot to take in listening to this tune yet well produced. The initial way it hit me was like if The Byrds went to Kashmir or perhaps Tripoli and decided they better blend a little. A whirlwind of sounds and rhythms going on around an anchored melody. Very cool! Very Chillum Brothers!.....From 'SANDMANS SONGBIRDS'

Steve Isons IAC Nominations 2006

Cherry Gum
A splendid song, very original, positiv and quirky. Great rhyhtm, did I hear some folk elements in here? Anyway, the voice of the lead singer reminds me a bit of Rufus Wainwright. Brilliant song!

IAIA Song of the Year Nominations

This music is highly dangerous! with its magic, transport to you where the DANCER moves around shadows and lights... OHHH! GREAT DANCER, MY SOUL IS READY FOR THE FUSION WITH THE UNIVERSE!!! Dense fog surrounds my senses... Dense fog, owner of my senses... OHH DANCER... SHOW YOUR MAGIC AND NEVER STOP YOUR DANCE... YOUR ETERNAL DANCE!!!

The Farm
Thrillingly bonkers psychedelic ride in 5/4 time..

The Farm
The Chillum Brothers are a thrilling,original cocktail of Eastern mysticism,swirling hallucinogenic sounds and big beats all mixed lovingly into a hashcookie the size of a U.F.O...Dancers a very cool track with its weird off kilter rythm,hypnotic vocal line and belly dancer on acid groove..

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