The Chillum BrothersManikarnika
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Weird mixture of traditional Indian rhythms and sounds, with a rock sensibility

The Chillum Brothers 2005

Inspired by the banks of the Ganga at Varanasi and in particular, Manikarnika Ghat, the burning ghat where hindus are cremated and their ashes offered to Mother Ganga. A place where the juxtaposition of life and death is right there in your face.
A child sits alone beside the river
Sun rising up into the blue
A buffalo lazes in the shallows
My thoughts are drifting back to you
An ambience has grown up in this city
Like a peace that shall not speak its name
The body of God is lying silently
Inviting us to play the cosmic game
The flames of death are flickering
Tall dark shadows dancing high
I find the smoke of liberation
Keeps getting into my eye
Come walk along with me in a Varanasi dawn
Where distances are broken and duality is torn
You are my mother and my father and my lord
Manikarnika is waiting on Mother Ganga's shore
Through streets I walk in contemplation
The stone is smooth beneath my feet
The sound of temple bells is music to my ears
I feel the rhythm and the beat
So come connect me with the ancients
To their transcendental joy
I want to feel the light of being
The light that no-one can destroy
So let me go down to the Ganga
And watch the passing and the birth
Manikarnika is opening my heart
For me to see what life is worth
So when I'm dead when life is over
I know just where I want to be
Take me back to Manikarnika
And let the Ganga carry me
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