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Deep in the desert, something stirred......

An Eaglehead Joint Production

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Poets & Carnivores
I love these guys.

The Talent Searcher
Peyote Picnic , hare krisna and hare rama too , Carlos Santana & Carlos Castaneda .The lyrics are an enigma but quite enteartening.Psychedelic trip .

Yetis are happy but bigfoot.............
Hey Yettis bros ,take some peyote and feel the happy hippy love universal flower, oh yeah hare krisna man and hare rama too , oh that´s great cause you feel grand Carlos Castaneda Carlos Santana, see what I mean , they are gurus of super freak space love for humankind .Peyote Picnic , we can change the world with psychedelic trips n the cows. Wow , great final voice man.....

Alberto Martínez´s Coffee Shop
An all time classic of trippy thought

Downloads ON SALE - The Busking Station

Hope Street
Deep in the desert, something stirred......

Country Folk & Blue Shades of Grass
One of the wonderful flavors available by Eaglehead.

Laugh Your Day Away
Will he come down by 2008, perhaps?

Hey kiddies, this is why you shouldn't take drugs, or is it? Great stuff!!

Songs That Say Something
Hey kiddies, this is why you shouldn't take drugs, or is it? Great stuff!!

High Blood Pressure
I can not eat peyote cause it got salt and I have high blood pressure but I can drink coca cola a little, chuli pachuli and chacaras , hare krisna , doctor , let me go to the hospital I must test my blood pressure and please don´t make watch A TONIGHT SHOW.Cheese,i can eat that .

Adventurers, Jugglers, Minstrels
a celebratory ode, tongue in cheek...

Bare Thread IV
... noth'in wrong with an occasional "Peyote Picnic" on the thread ...

tongue in cheek, "hit em in the funnybone..."

Gyroscope Alternative

stretching the limits!!!

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