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The Poems are more than happy to give their listener a bag full of reasons to like their music. Take your pick or take em all. They have had a problem with their upload to IAC which results in the song cutting out towards the end. I have left the band a message and hopefully they will get it sorted out. In the meantime...there is still more than enough of the song to get your teeth into.

Apocalypse Radio
Welcome to the Apocalypse! -M-

Byronic Musings
In this track you will find a Burt Bacharach, Mamas and Papas, Carpenters concoction of pure Pop hook laden joy in a wholly modern indie production value setting. And it's bursting with heart. The pleasure this could give to people if commercial Radio ever gets that "content music" is still fiscally inferior to an out and out great Pop song. Ok rant over ! This is a wonderful, wonderful song.

Poets & Carnivores
I'm a poet, so I'm bias.

Politics Of Pop (Smart Writing & Indica)
I'm a poet, so I'm bias.

Got Music?
No denying this band's catchiness - they understand how to write pop songs. I'm sure that the lead singer has to put up with comparisons to Natalie Merchant, but nothing wrong with that. Was caught by surprise when this song magically appeared on an episode of Ghost Whisperer. Nice little swing section w/block harmonies in the middle replacing the standard solo (thh).

Sandman's Songbirds
Simply catchy and beautiful and quite well performed. The Poems rock!!!

Keeping The Green Alive !!
Perfect for Keeping the Green Alive!!!

Reminds me of the cranberries,good music.

Simply catchy and beautiful and quite well performed. The Poems rock!!!

I find this to be very addictive... take a listen! -M-

Sunshine Smile..
Perfect easy listening 70s FM freeway driving track..Smoother than an Andy Williams record and as sunny as The Partridge Family sunbathing.That Carpenters middle bit is a delightfully eccentric touch and a genuine suprise..

Milan`s Favourites
Excellent song, full of bright musical ideas and beautiful tender vocals. The rhythm guitars in the verses remind me of Velvet Underground. The slow middle parts take me back to the mood of the hippie era. However, the overall feel isn`t just nostalgic. If only this kind of Pop could be heard on common radio stations all over the world!

The Good Stuff Trois!!!
Great vocal. Great melody and I love the production. Reminds me a little bit of... well... something that I would listen to. Oh yes!!! Maybe The Cardigan? Anyway, it's something that I like. And I love the half-time breakdown, too. A fine addition to the station.

look around -theres no one there

Kayak Number One Songs!
week 98

Maestros of Pop and Rock
.they're so cool, it's a shady place under dem trees

A+ for Originality!
Another band I thought was going to make the bigtime. How did they not?

Haven't listened to this one in quite a while... yummy! JUST LISTEN!!! -M-

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