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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Out To Lunch
Lars Lair
I Like Strange. ~M~
The Realm of Sound
serendipity redux
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Instruments, lyrics, vocals: Larry W Johnson/Larz Boah
Background vocals and mixdown help: Denes Hekkel

Wormdom Pub

o'er idle drunken wormdom pub king scolex reigns supreme
slobbering pawns shift curiously containing not their swagger
to and fro and back they go to wallow in useless chatter
while the scolex king dreams of his thing being served on female platters

(barroom chorus) it's wormdom pub tonight!!

young wench's dress hugs nothing safe; all zippers do adorn
and down she goes a fallin' to the trench; a beer soaked floor
the worms they are a wagin' war and unto her go crawlin'
she vomits all about the room yet still her ass they're maulin'

(barroom chorus) it's wormdom pub tonight!!

she snorts up snow and horn she blows such a sleazy gander
as slimy worms defile her no moral doth she pander
to the king the scolex sing her sex was all that mattered
with whiskey breath he takes a bow and sinks into her tattered

(barroom chorus)'s wormdom pub tonight!!

the walls are ebbed with cob-webbed heads in wormdom pub tonight
as snakes debase the friendly face and behind backs do sting
this place an ever churning bowel does filth all honest things
and slinking back the scolex laugh to enjoy their brawling fight

(barroom chorus) it's wormdom pub tonight!!

(c) Larry W Johnson/Larz Boah x
Song Comments

Out To Lunch
Crazy, insane, total Beefheart.

I Like Strange. ~M~
This is some excellent poetry, Larry! -M-

The Realm of Sound
its like i was their, wait no ... the song is messing with me....... j/k


serendipity redux
Rough as a bargain box of rough things bought from World of Rough in Roughsville, Kentucky, in their 'It's Rough Week!!!'promotion. But I still think I might find it hard to love anyone who didn't see its inherent genius. If you have the stomach for it, read the story of Tralala in Last Exit to Brooklyn, then listen to this howl at full volume

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