Larz BoahHappy Go Lucky I'd Say
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On this song I layered 2 guitars, a classical over an electric
and held my breath until steam came out of my ears

All lyrics, instruments, vocals: Larry W Johnson/Larz Boah
Backgroung click track and mixdown help: Denes Hekkel

Happy Go Lucky I'd Say

There's too many cynics, arguing critics
debatin' how the Earth will disappear.
Their pants are too tight, they're afraid of the night
they've made fear a career.

Don't slave for the clock; you'll be leavin' in a box
the ground is our flower bed.
You'd better sow love, don't push, don't shove
be a friend to yourself instead.

If I wake up tomorrow covered in sorrow
I'll still jump back in the game.
My glass is half full: I'm a fortunate fool
I'm Happy Go Lucky I'd Say

Once knew a lawyer who dreamed of Tom Sawyer
but instead he tried to get rich...
thought his cash was his honey and man, ain't it funny
how he steals people's money.


A girl looks for a Prince, a magical pill
fresh dew on her window sill.
Things would be clearer if she'd look into the mirror
and quit makin' herself so ill.


There are runaways from home, drugs soaked in their bones
death in their eyes...Ablaze!
I quit buyin' stuff, don't poison my trunk
refuse to be hooked on Junk


(c) Larry W Johnson/Larz Boah
Song Comments

Moody, Cool, Psychotic, and Mesmerizing
Done very much in a Dylan style vocally, the tone of this is fairly Psychotic and Mesmerizing; pretty Cool Too! -M-

Sounds Like....
Bob Dylan

!!! Karnival OF Thrills !!!
folk rock inna sling...soundz a lil bit 2 much like Dylan with a hang-over.

Byronic Musings
"Once knew a lawyer/Who dreamed of Tom Sawyer/But instead tried to get rich/His cash is his honey/And man isn't it funny/How he steals peoples money !" I just love the style of this track - it is a thing most rare, a song brimful of personality and insight.

Magical Musical Tour
Speaks volumes !!! a reveard soul and talent

Cup'A Coffee (Expresso)
fun, large (peri)scope breaks the surface here...larry's station reviews sparkle with poetic gems and find their way to the heart of the matter, check out his stations...

folk/rock inna sling by a lucky guy who got no bling!

The Realm of Sound
this song is truly the meaning of music and of a true artist. in this song quality has no place, because it is beyond that. 3 thumbs up !!!!!!!!!!!!

Now We're REALLY Streamin'
fun, large (peri)scope breaks the surface here...larry's station reviews sparkle with poetic gems and find their way to the heart of the matter, check out his stations...

Davies Ison And Friends...
A pretty circular lo-fi song that weaves a little stoic optimism amidst the suffocating tidal wave of existential crisis.......(did i really just say that?) Bob Dylan resides strongly in the vocals and the electric bit that waltzes in and meanders off the track is just great..

very creative...

The Art of humour!

What the Folk!
great tune by Larz the organic quality and rootsy feel on this sweet piece of work. the use of the acoustic and electric guitar is kinda cool. Larz has some unique style to his vocals...and the story is special. perhaps something interesting triggered this tune. I am tripping out on it. nice one

FtB Favorites
Unique and compelling, Dylan-like. A must listen!

Adventurers, Jugglers, Minstrels 3
a large, creative spark...

Extra! Archive
Unique and compelling, Dylan-like. A must listen!

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