Brian BoothMoments (sung by Sandip Sagar) IAC remastered
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Another song about memories

Vocals: Sandip Sagar; words, music, all guitars: Brian Booth. Recorded at Ranscombe Studios, Rochester, UK by Jim Riley. Remastered using the IAC service, September 2006


Words and music: Brian Booth, copyright 2005

Memories start to flow
But I’m taking it slow
I want to feel them as new as when
We first experienced them
You lift your face to the sun
And we two are one
Absorbing the liquid gold
Could you ever grow old?

Hold on to the moment
Hold it close
Make it part of you

Sunlight plays on your hair
Long, sweet and fair
And a rainbow swims round your smile -
- lingers awhile
Your hand comes to rest on mine
A tingle, a sign
Breathing as soft as song
Forever young

Hold on to the moment
Hold it close
Make it part of you

Your silence enraptures me
Captures me, yet lets me free
Gently, my lips brush yours
We’ve been here before
But an echo comes down the years
Releasing my tears
Everything has to end
But for now - let’s pretend...
Song Comments

the acoustic splendor station
stars twinkle because the light we see coming from the stars travels through the atmosphere around the earth and there is turbulence in the earth's atmosphere.

MaryBethKopecknyStrange Brew
Like a shady spot on a stream, hiding from the summer sun...

Psyche Folk
Really pretty late 60s/early 70s style Folk song with lovely resonant sunshine smiling melody sung by beautiful voice and delightful little psychedelic flourishes,like the reverby B/Vs..Has those sadly long-forgotten 60s qualities of charm and innocence..Lovely track..

The End of the World Social Club
'That's best turn we've had for ages - mind you we get some right c**p on here.'

Out To Lunch
charming, with longevity.

Soul, Blues, And Jazz
charming, with longevity.

charming, with longevity.

The Hitmen-Completed Contracts 2
Really really lovely,fresh faced,melodic and totally natural acoustic song that sounds like it could be a great undiscovered rainbow folk jewel from 1968...Like so much music from that time,it captures the the feeling of innocence,joy and love-and what a refreshing change THAT is to hear...Its the the aural equivalent of jumping into a clear mountain pool on a boiling hot day..with your lover..Charming and magical.

Bare Thread II
... on the thread ... all we really have are "Moments" ...

Time Pieces
B. Booth is another of the great unsung songwriting talents out there (and in here). This piece has a happily melancholy edge to it, and the vocal work by Sandip Sagar adds a haunting quality that just enhances this English Folk-style song and makes it (as someone once said) "Beautifully simple, and simply beautiful".

Friends- Pals- and Hot Chicks
Great stuff !!!

CHAOS! CURBS! CURSES! ... ... ...

serendipity redux II
Not here as an ego trip - it's a collaboration.

very groovy song, accomplished vocal, vivid details, all'nallexcellent...

The Thanksgiving Zone
a sparklin' vocal with harmonies, brian's smilin',evanescent "moments", what a graceful, spirited and wellcrafted ditty to "kissing a joy as it flies..."

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