The Vic Genna Gemini PactMorning Chariot Ride
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Gett'nWitMyGemini InDaMorn.
Number 30 on Top 100 Pop Charts 6-22-06

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Song Comments

Geo's Cool Wave
Vito has some unusual moves as an artist. You have to check him out!

Moody, Cool, Psychotic, and Mesmerizing
The psychotic wall of sound and Jim Morrison vocals make this Morning Chariot Ride like a roller coaster from beyond the subconscious. Psychotic! -M-

This is way out with The crazy world of Arthur Brown Stuff here

Had Third Prize, had Second Prize and the Indie King

The Laughing Man
Sounds like a 40s singer with punk chords hahahahahahaha great hahahahahahaha the rythm section is exploring hahahahahaha this is really original hahahahahahaha and he counts one two three four hahahahahahaha the children can learn how to count hahahahahahaha the end of the song is unexpected hahahahahahahahaha

Lars Lair
The stereo panning of this song will make you dizzy like you're upon a Crystal Ship or perhaps a Moonlight Drive... very creative and a testimony for all drunken or Hallucinating romantics immortalizing their morning quickie.

Cool tunes, very Doors influenced vocals. Music is nice and edgy.

Tommys Radio.
kinda reminds me of the doors. so im posting it. Yeah Yeah. Long live jimmy boy. oh wait he's dead. but his sprit lives on. Thanks vic.........

Timster Radio
Crazy good!!

Morning Chariot Ride
WOW! Number 30 on the Top 100 Pop Charts. 6/22/06

MO music
Another tune from Vic !

WOW! Number 30 on the Top 100 Pop Charts. 6/22/06

VS Planatoidal_1
WOW! Number 30 on the Top 100 Pop Charts. 6/22/06

VS Planatoidal_2
WOW! Number 30 on the Top 100 Pop Charts. 6/22/06

VS Planatoidal_3
WOW! Number 30 on the Top 100 Pop Charts. 6/22/06

Opiate69's Narcotic Lollipop
More great stuff from Vic Genna

Music Junkie Radio
By now you should be waking up. This one is electronic and busy. If you like a little multifarious then play away.

quirky pop 801
This sounds like he kept holding down all the keys on a polyphonic synth at the same time using his elbows. Then the ghost of Jim Morrison came in and did a vocal track. AAAAAAAAAAhhhh I scream and run from the room. But the door was closed and I broke my nose.

leggs world
Reminds me of the DOORS

zing! flip! squash!--WATERPLANET radio
Dancey and psychedelic. Like the sound of the recording.

Fountain of Youth
Very unique.

Take a ride.... You won't regret it....

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