Susie BoehmAbandoned
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I was thinking I would wear a long gown while draped across the piano on this one..

Song Comments

Sancocho Music
Susie Boehm deserves a listen always .This is a very good song. Go to her page at IAC, you won´t regret at all( I think you´ll be happy to do it ).

Beautifully sung.

Songs to set the clocks to
Heart in motion...

Is she runnin' a little rough? Has her original purr turned into a nagging rattle? Have you run her through the mud and rocks so often that you can't even recognize her anymore? Are you lining her up for a trade-in like the last handful or did you total and abandon her two years ago? Maybe those 2006 model test drives weren't a brilliant idea, huh? That new monsterTrack smell fades fast. Yours doesn't.

Frogbox Radio
very laid back,and slinky too. yea Susie!

Hattie's Blues Basement
A gorgeous voice and delivery . . . sweet as butter and syrup

monkeys are super fun
Perfect voice. After-the-party music.


Milan`s Favourites
This is just beautiful, so heartfelt. Love the tune, love the voice, the overall atmosphere...

Rescue Me
More than 12 million dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters each year. Millions more are abandoned in rural and urban areas.

Slow Burn

Says Who!!!!
Don't know how anyone could abandon Susie, she is a pure and simple delight, think I'll just listen again and continue with my crush on her.

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