Susie BoehmWant Me
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it's a sexy little number

Song Comments

Michael's Place
Nice beat - great vocals!! Chilled.

Yetis are happy but bigfoot.............
Yettis parents , children go bed cause daddy and mammy Yettis want to listen to mucho bonito Susie Boehm ´s song . Yeti child says " Oh leave me watch the Yettis´s teletubbies some more " Yettis parents say " no no have dinner, wash your teeth and say goodnight " Then Yetti father say "This want me song is censored for the mucho bonito head but we will talk about it tomorrow". This happen 2 years ago now yetti child have a little sister.

A Touch of Class
Great Voice, well put together, you'll love the raunchy feel this has.

Totally Raw Reviews Super-Station
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Out Tha Box Sound System
Susie's song engulfs you like a nice summer breeze. She took her sexiness and put it into a song. I love it.

Women I'd Marry Tomorrow If I Wasn't So Damn Ugly
I like this. It's got a spookey little refrain on the piano. And a nice string arrangement that sends shivers along my spine. I'd like to have this playing when I clunk down the isle, but not until the pre-nuptual agreement has been signed. You can't be too careful these days. I'm very attached to the nuts and bolts through my neck, for instance, and I'd hate to lose them if it ended in divorce. Mind you, if the 'Bride of Frankenstein' gets a good lawyer, I could end up losing my bolts and my nuts... not that anybody would want to marry me anyway.

The T Zone

Last Angel Horse Sanctuary
Another great song from Susie Boehm. Really great piano and strings in this one, and I love the production. I love your voice Susie!

BOM Radio... The Blues Station
This is sho' nuf HOT!!! You rock Sister Boehm.

IAIA 2007 Golden Kayak Nominees

Like Fun Steakhouse.
Golden Kiak nominee. You'll hear why.

Beautiful song, Susie! -M-

Sexy rhythm and subtley humourous lyrics worth listening to.

great acts
This is a great song, wonder if Susie is still doing music?

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