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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Susie Boehm: guitars/vocals
Paul Mirkovich: keyboards, organ, bass, programming, vocals
Mark Schulmann: drums
Diane Gordon: vocals
the "I'd kill my sister for some soul" choir: Pino Barone, Rainer Boehm, Joshi Hensel, Susie Boehm

do you believe in things you feel, in things you cannot see..
do you believe in love that's never ending..
do you have faith..beyond your reason
will you hold onto me through this day..
do you have faith or are you just pretending..
I know that everything's a mess
and I might be talking to myself
but I believe together we can stand the strain...
we don't have to change..
just because our world is changing..
we don't have to change...
do you believe..that time and distance don't mean anything..
do you believe or are you tired of trying and trying...
do you have faith...
or are you making this the reason for your great escape...
do you have faith or are you set on flying and flying...
I know this isn't like we planned
but I need you like I need my hand
and I believe together we can stand the strain...
we don't have to change..
just because our world is changing..
we don't have to don't have to change x
Song Comments

Voices of Angels
Susie has such an amazing voice...the kind of voice where you have to stop and that! Very Indigo Girls like with the harmonies and folksy melody.

Denise's One Note
Alanis, Janis Ian, Bonnie Raitt...Susie Boehm.

Got Music?
Nice sound. I've always loved the combination of acoustic guitar and organ. Nice vocals. (awr) First note to last, we have a tremendous track here, right down to the somewhat surprising gospel fade out. Boehm's voice strikes home right away. One of the better all-around pieces I've heard on IAC (thh).

What a voice and what great songs !!

Last Angel Horse Sanctuary
Wow what a great song! I love to hear harmonies and this song has just the right amount so instinctively.

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