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Kelly, Jeff and Ian's first crack at putting their heads together. That the girl's only talent was piling on vocal harmonies didn't seem to bother the boys at all.

Kelly Ouimet (Adams), Jeff Addison, Ian Auger. Ogeriff Studios, New Liskeard, Ontario.

All stemmed off a sweet acoustic guitar track. It's all real, even the drums (after some careful use of scotch tape).
i always wonder where this
lift of spirit comes from
out of the blue
just in time to undo
the damage done by colours washed out,
fading out and
so i'll stay a while to
take in in before i
let it go again and
pass me by, it's why i
think i've found a secret out

i believe that it's in me to
leap right into this
instead of watching it
go on and on and on
without me
waiting for its
safe return

he is always
in between this
space of who he is and
of who he needs to be
it's me, it's me
who tells him
starting won't come easily, but

i believe that it's in him to
find his moment, jump in
then maybe he'll carry
on and on and on
without being
washed out over
where he's been

we agree that spirits free are a
rare kind, and a
great find when they meet
and there's always time if time would
stand still for a while,
just a little while

i always wonder where this
lift of spirit comes from
i'm out of the black
and i wouldn't go back
if i could
claim this finest moment
as my own

i believe that it's in us to
make some sense of this and
know that life carries
on and on and on
regardless of
what we choose to let
hold us down

it's all about timing and
holding on to dreams, and
i'd rather fall into than out of
these x
Song Comments

Out Tha Box Sound System
I was blown away with this song. Harmonies, arrangement, the entire concept....Not to mention that I fell in love with her voice. Can I marry your voice?

INDIEcent Exposure
I LOVE this song! Of course, the guitar is heaven, can you tell I'm a little partial to a good acoustic sound? The harmonies on this are INCREDIBLE. VERY unique and it just feels really good. This is definitely a new favorite of mine.

Downloads ON SALE - The Busking Station
Reg. $0.75, Sale $0.50.

Sunshine Smile..
Really pretty and melodic song with a west coast Californian vibe like Crosby,Stills and Nash or Mamas and Popas with a supa-mellow trip hop..Acoustic guitars,sunshine-a proper tune and a fabulous vocal..Lovely song

The Rock
If it isn't another great cixmatch of genres. A little bit of everything in this song: some nice harmonies, a great rythmn section, an honest vocalist, and some nice acoustic or is it classical to boot. Very nice job here.

The End of the World Social Club
The band plays on, consumed by their art, oblivious of their surroundings.

Les Canadian Chansons
Collection of funky beats & various musical tones & vocals. Kelly has one of those pleasant voices that harmonizes and blends smoothly with her songs like another instrument.

The Hitmen-Completed Contracts 3
Wonderful,wonderful track..Summery hippy trip hop with genuinelly beautiful resonant melody and fabulous vocals..This is probarbly one of THE ultimate songs to chill out on a beach and watch the sunset slowly falling with a cup of red wine contemplating the beauty of life..Magical

Very, VERY BEAUTIFUL song here, Kelly! And I found this wonderful thing thanks to the Project Warchild DMD! -M-

Church of the Red Room
potentially "blasphemous" take on who god is/what god is/how god "is"/"When" god is...whenever it is that god "is" being whatever "it is" that god is "when" god "is"... "god".

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