BranJoslynExcuse Me
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reached  # 1 on  KIAC Big 50   

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KarnalEcho Rock
Superb vocals

Global Hits
nice Flow, like the singer

a feeling through both eyes

Killer Tunes
Hipnotic tune. Lovely voice!

Soulful Divas
Would make a great soundtrack

Auf der gleichen Wellenlänge
One of the best songs you think you've heard before...but haven't.

IAIA Song of the Year Nominations

Relaxing Rock
This song adds a teaspoon of sugar to your tea, very sweet sounding melody and lyrics. This song actually introduced me to IAC. Thanks Bran! You are awesome.

Like Fun Steakhouse.
Self produced and sounds great!!

Sandman's Songbirds
BranJoslyn's Excuse Me is a megahit of the highest order that should be heard by all listeners! Simply mystical, moving and powerful. Rock on Brandy!

Sandman's Songbirds
This tune comes and goes on the Songbird's station but is one of my all time faves indie or anywhere! The vocals are superb and BranJoslyn shows they can hang with any of the big boys or girls. Rock on B.J.

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week 25

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