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Lou Reed,Hendrix and Chic

Dark sinister song built round my friend Steve Harpers excellent riff...About 3 characters in a plush hotel(A widower,a hitman and a Mafia boss-) and the dark secrets they are all hiding..
Glances mirrorside-checks out her tan,steps onto the patio
Spreads her body out upon the chez lange and thinks that they'll never know...
About the secrets in the grave that lie there with the one dearly departed
and the loving wife who claimed to be so innocent and broken hearted....

Gold chained city boy moves on the scene,all dark shades and latin cool
Strips off to the last,spreads on the oil-sits down by the swimming pool
He's just waiting for a sign-the word from up above to bring direction
but he's only filling time untill he kills the heart of his connection

Shake your money man flicks out his hand,2 whiskies on ice appear
Offers up a toast-'Heres to success and wealth in the coming year'
but behind the sickly gaze,his mind is cooking ways to slip the knife in
Let your enemy feel safe while building him a grave in which to drive in

(©Steve Ison/Harper Stephens)
Song Comments

edison's medicine
just waaay cool.

shankarji's dope trax
A legend amongst those in the know - this is a top tune from a top UK songwriter with the coolest of guitar work decorating quality lyrics.

Sound Stage
Great drum and bass intro to this track, nice guitar, very reminiscent of Reed

Kid Ric's Picks.
Steve calls his music acousticelectricpsychedeliclounge-folk-jazzin'pop/rock if he has to narrow it down. Interesting groove on this one.

Hee hee hee, I like this one. Pity about the drum machine... but he IS a bedroom recording artist. (Is that anything like bedroom eyes?)

Glances in the rearview, checks out her rear view, urges her throttle (oh...). Spreads her legs out, sweaty leather seat, stiletto out the window now. But those dark racin' eyes, mascara tears on her thighs, not blushin'. Beware her lazy laps, settin' up her booby traps man she's crushin'!...Crushin' monsterTrack Steve!

Take an ultra cool walk on the wild side of a Palacio street where nothing is really as it seems and amid the cities mean scene's and shady characters be careful to watch your back on this funky musical stroll.

A legend amongst those in the know - this is a top tune from a top UK songwriter with the coolest of guitar work decorating quality lyrics. –shankarji’s dope trax station

Break The Cycle
'It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor.' Seneca

Oxbow Free Radio
Deadpan vocal and droning strings contrast beautifully with hyper-rhythmic guitars, bass, and drums.

:::Abominable Snow Shaft:::
The Abominable Snow Shaft 'preserves' Steve Ison

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Farms in space...who knew?

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a steve ison masterpiece, mysterious spy movie-spooky, shuffle, strings, wa wa delights...

The Originals
Steve Ison, one of the originals to this site way back in the day, the man with the golden voice. an artist in the true sense of the word. always about the music, its the music the music

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