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Glam Rocker with Fuzz bass..

Thanks to Musical Connections members Lola(for helping me with B/Vs) and Sue Webb for great violin playing..

Affectionate response to Lou Reeds song called 'Steve Ison'
Talked about it..'bout your brand new verse-a shade too long..
Dosn't matter what you claim you're now-Keep your eyes on the road!
The newspaper said your day's long gone-don't think about that...
While we're having such fun tonight....

Checked the mirror,then you took your shades and put them on...
Popped a can and then retold some tale you just wouldn't believe!
I laughed like a fan and your sad eyed smirk grew grinner on that...
Arn't we having such fun tonight?

I Know the magic faded
The kids are way out
They steal and they die to be cool,but they'll never be you...

You shone like a god for a spit-dry boy who'd never been kissed..
but he's havin' such fun tonight..

I know the magic faded
The kids are way out
Forgotten the word
Got drunk on their rhyme
We steal and we die to be cool but we'll never be you..
The dream of V.U was made out of love....

(©Steve Ison) x
Song Comments

successful art
This is a very smart song. Very melodically accomplished as well. A really successful work on all levels.

Songs Containing True Melodic Elements
I like this song a lot. It works on a ton of levels. Great melodic identity, the lyrics work fully and Ison makes rock solid production choices. The background vox are right on the money. Also, this works really well on a meta, postmodern level. All around, this song is a winner.

Cherry Gum
The Lou Reed style is catched to 100%, the arrangement is perfect (choirs, strings, claps, everything), the only difference is that Steve sings a lot better than Lou!! Unbelievable glam!

shankarji's dope trax
Unashamed tribute to the great man, which perfectly recreates the Velvet vibe - Lou would love this!

Ted's Total Tunage Radio
Steve you are discribed as glam rocker and it sure sounds like that to me fromn this track. I like the production on this a lot, it's very clean with the back up vocals and the talking in the background You use a simple band here that just works with this material very well. I especially like the fiddle coming in out of nowhere at the end. I have always been a Lou Reed fan too. Nice.....

Lucys Station
This songs really cool.Its like the 70s.I love Lou Reed.The girls singing in the background are best bit,but the singers good too

Bubbling Up
Well,as i said this han't even been deemed worthy of a place on the 'Bubbling Under The Big 50' subs bench...But hell,its my station,so tits up to you I.A.C commitee lol..

Great great song! Fantastic production here. Particularly love the piano, handclaps and harmonies. The Vocals hit you with a dead on Lou vibe.

Sheridans Fave's
Classic Rock/Pop

From K-RTRO: Great great song! Fantastic production here. Particularly love the piano, handclaps and harmonies. The Vocals hit you with a dead on Lou vibe.

Had Second Prize

THIS IS MY ABSOLOLUTE FAVOURITE SONG ON THIS SITE MAN - No little simpler than that. This is a joy, an act of maddening genius. He's a proper bastard you know that. I'm tellin' thee, he's a right git. Bleedin' creep. LOOK I'M JUST JEALOUS. And it shows. If you can listen to this and not smile you need some stronger medication. Or maybe a job in parliament. THIS IS MY INDIE NUMBER 1 OF THE YEAR. Nothing comes even remotely close. Listen and learn...................From IF YOU THINK YOU'RE COOL YOUR NOT!

Steve Isons IAC Nominations 2006

Oh, I'll have to tell blogger "Lou Reed" about this one! I'd call it cute, but am I allowed to?

quirky pop 801
So dang hip it hurts. Impossible to de-quirkify.

IAIA Song of the Year Nominations
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic

We really love it !!

Radio Free Europe
Well i've TRAVELLED alot in Europe...

Timster Radio
Pure Genious.

The Great Pyramid
The Veil Of Isis

Rod's Records
It's like a great, lost Velvet Underground song.

Byronic Musings
This is stompingly fabulous - Bowie meets Steve Harley in a photograph of a hot seventies summer day ! And it moves like a smooth open top Aston Martin. Dirty perfect !

Velvet Goldmine
Great great song! Fantastic production here. Particularly love the piano, handclaps and harmonies. The Vocals hit you with a dead on Lou vibe...From K-RTRO

Gli amici di Dario
He defines himself as a musician who plays in his home... I think he's amazing and a great pro!

Oxbow Free Radio
Lou sure didn't sound this good in 1972 when I walked out during the third song.

Station Gold
A real radio song that the radio forgot were made anymore

Music to Make Your Day
An excellent, well performed song !

Alright, a song title about one of my fave original bad boy rockers. Nice production with that unique British sound that I love! Steve is a very talented writer and quite a prolific one at that! Big thumbs up! -Sandman’s Songbirds

And once again just because I can ... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sandman's Songbirds
One of my many favs from Mr. Ison, Lou Reed comes and goes on the Songbird's station, but is none the less a GREAT tune! Rock on always Steve!

Biggie's Big-Time Radio Revue
Very cool track. Great pop feel. Ultra hip.

De Clock is Ticking
a great song and FUZZ bass! what more can you ask for!

The Gatekeeper
one the best songcrafters around anywhere, smart production,tasty pieces of genius, the guy is a master, art with splashes of chromatic colours in a rainbow of music stellar

eYe 3 previous I wonder picks of Bryon T
The Brilliance of Steve Ison, tripping out to another cool magical work which I have listened too, but for some unknown reason never added to a station !! Starts right off, with no fooling around kicking out a great vibe,hear the magic, feel the magic, love the talk-singing thang as he lays down this kicking out groovy thing that is been around for a long long time, yet, you see the genius here as well. Sweet one and that piano ringing away, and the bgs . king of the groove here at IMP......rock on forever Steve, you got the eyes attention once again

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