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Monday, May 13, 2024 8:17:41 PM
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Saturday, June 15, 2024 6:33:59 PM
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About human relationships

Written by :Lou Evans. WORLD5 album "3" , 2024

About human relationships
A tired man looking back in the mirror.
She says “come to bed” and you don’t want to hear her.
How you’ve changed since you’ve been together.
Gotta get things done to make our life better.

And I...I have this mountain I must climb.
Can’t see the peak and I’m running out of time...
With a notion I have passed my prime. know there’s a better way..
Just be grateful for today...
Don’t you ever feel too ashamed to...pray...

I get stuck in a never-ending riddle.
Sucked in-and lose sight of the middle.
I can feel when you’re getting bitter.
When I get wound up with the jitters.

And you...know how I hate to lose..
and I bite off more than I can chew... then you remind me
I can choose a way to be...
Because you feed off my energy..
when I sift through what I can’t see.
When I’m locked in-your love is the key.

To love ain’t always easy-
when you’re vibrating slow...And you’re out of flow.
When living in the moment, you feel it all unfurl...
now start loving her.

Now we’re both aware that- Life can be unfair and-
Don’t forget the firm foundation your Love is on.
What doesn’t exist is...the future and the past since...
the only thing that’s real is where we are right now.
Song Comments

Desperado Revue 2024 GK Contenders - 7
Contender for 2024 GK nomination - Pop

We Sang In The Summer
Well, emotive male vocal with neat touches in places, , s-m-o-o-t-h, and the 1st line "a tired man looking in the mirror," the EG well played, kinda a looking-back/ahead ballad, the band plays well, kudos...

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