negative tendenciesSister Bernadette
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Thursday, February 15, 2024 8:54:45 PM
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Thursday, February 15, 2024 8:57:55 PM
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written by Matt Reda and Brent Matzen.

Sister Bernadette
What have you done?
Why do you wander the streets all alone?
Has God abandoned you?
Have you lost all faith?
Do you cry for me?
Do you cry for the human race?

Sister Bernadette dear
I know that I was wrong
How were you ever able to stay so very strong?
My heart was burning, my love was yearning to be with you
I know that I was wrong, but what else could I do?

oh oh love can be as cold as ice
oh oh love can be


Sister Bernadette
Please will you come home?
I can't stand it here praying all alone
I don't know what I would say to you
but you can't tell me now you don't feel the same way too x
Song Comments

RKR - Rhythm Kings Radio
This is a Big Song! Awesome bass line and percussion! The tune haunts your mind. I find myself just blurting out " Sister Burnadette" Best from Neg Ten ever!

Summer Vacation
Like the opening horn figure, recalls "sister christian" a bit in places, like the open-ended lyrics/story, kinda bold & poetic, got a neat melody also, tasteful production values, holds the solo well, kudos...

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