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About Me
life summary
I grew up in a musical family, went to music school, but found it too strict in terms of music (oddly enough) I tried to rebel against the expectations of being a musician and get a professional job (like accountancy) or something...! But it didn't work, and the music pulled me back, as it will always do...My lifelong dream has always been to have enough money to open a sanctuary for unwanted and neglected horses. And now I'm on the path to that dream!
I live for…
My animals: Horses and dogs.
I despise
Cruelty to animals
self-chosen nickname
life turning point
When Anthony taught me how to play the guitar and told me I had a good voice. Up until then I would only ever sing when no-one was around
in 10 years I'll be
looking after lots of horses
in 10 minutes I'll be
Having another cup of coffee
experience of high strangeness
Too many to mention
most overrated
fashion, material things
most underrated
'Lane' (Ha ha).
my advice to you
It's gotta come from the heart.
About Musicians for the welfare of horses and Last Angel Sanctuary:

Last Angel Sanctuary will provide unwanted and neglected horses and ponies with another chance. We aim to rescue and rehabilitate any horse or pony in need, with the view to rehoming them to suitable long term loan homes once they are recovered and ready to be rehomed. We also believe that vulnerable adults and children benefit greatly from contact with equines, it is our mission to integrate people from the community and view the centre as a therapeutic rescource for anyone wishing to become involved with the horses. As a lot of us are musicians, we would like to expand on this, by also using music as a resource ie by providing musical workshops and hosting gigs etc. We are in the very early stages of this project and desperately need funds to raise the money to purchase land for the sanctuary. We also would love to hear from anyone who would like to join us as supporters; either musicians or anyone who shares our love of horses. Please contact me for further information.
You can contact me on my pipeline page, my artists page or at www.myspace.com/lastangelsanctuary
Cathy Lane xx

About Lane
Our music style is acoustic, leaning towards alternative pop rock. (I suppose! It's hard to categorise it!) Myself and my husband, Anthony Lane compose songs, take them to eachother, and, if it's a good song, either help the other with the production process, or bin it!! With the good ones, we take it to our band, the computer!! Some of our tracks have live musicians that we've borrowed for the task, but we live nowhere near a thriving music capital so we have to rely on the computer. It does, however, always turn up for rehearsals and never complains!

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11/6/2006 2:37:06 PM
Please help us to help horses!




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