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About Me
life summary
Get the book http://www.amazon.com/shops/literaturopolis
I live for…
Libertarianism and resurrecting Jack Parsons
I despise
self-chosen nickname
Anyone that nicknames themselves is an asshat, so there you go, an asshat
life turning point
Prison, having children, psylocybin, Castaneda, Mckenna, marriage, being abducted by aliens
in 10 years I'll be
Teaching anthropology at a college near you, and then off to my dungeon to work.
in 10 minutes I'll be
up on Uranus
experience of high strangeness
UFO's, mushrooms, the military
most overrated
Tom Cruise and politicians and religion in general
most underrated
Tom Waits, and Paul Pena
my advice to you
Learn to swim
The Devil has his mother's eyes.

I'm a native southern californian.
I enjoy reading, writing, and doing
the impossible.

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Shank Godley Butcher

      8/19/2006 12:46:39 PM Add Comment
I laughed, then I laughed again, then I wondered if I had any enemies that might appreciate a knife in the eye. Maybe you could maim the taxation dept for me?

Your exiled friend,


Los Angeles California USA view more pics...