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IndieMusicPeople.com       Greg Sinclair
About Me
life summary
I have been through more than you could ever imagine and I have only become stronger.
I live for…
Entertaining people and the chance to sing and to create amazing radio stations that showcase all the talent on this website.
I despise
Critics and people who have nothing good to say.
self-chosen nickname
life turning point
When my best friend and song writing partner committed suicide...then the day I realized I was still alive and had much more to offer.
in 10 years I'll be
Everything I want to be and I'll have no regrets
in 10 minutes I'll be
Writing another verse to my new song Fortune Teller
experience of high strangeness
Hanging out with Slash at the Marble Arch in Vancouver and watching his body guards move like rabid wolves waiting to kill the first person that stepped slightly out of bounds...a close second was hanging with Tommy and his Pamela Anderson look a like in Edmonton after one of his DJ shows and getting his road cases knocked over onto my ankle for 10 stitches....but not until the night was over!
most overrated
Every industry puppet - KAYNE.
most underrated
Every single artist that hasn't had a shot that deserves it on this website.
my advice to you
Stop, look and listen to everything on here and do not dismiss it for predictability or complete departure from anything you have ever heard. Just because it is different doesn't make it good and just because it is the same doesn't make it bad.
Former singer for the original band HARD LUCK and I run a couple stations on IAC. Always looking for new talent and to make friends. I have a huge variety of styles I enjoy and I strongly believe in the INDIE market.

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11/9/2007 10:52:03 PM
Check out this woman- One of my favorite singers of all time.

11/8/2007 9:45:17 PM

10/25/2007 6:20:41 PM
Get ready to be blown away! YOU MUST SEE AND HEAR STEVIE ANN

10/14/2007 9:17:06 PM

9/1/2007 11:05:07 AM
18th annual National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month luncheon on Capitol Hill




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WIKKED Thank-you everybody!
WIKKED I had no traffic for so long I forgot to come here and check for messages..LMFAO
WIKKED I need some help with the PEELER thread!
WIKKED Well...2 people showed up from here...WOW...Sad!
WIKKED Your stationis dropping. Have you been listening?
Duane Spenser
Gregory Harrison
You get what you give ;-p Rock On
WIKKED Yeah..it's all good!
WIKKED Maybe but I have PEELER here with me and we are watching him every night for the next few days so I haven't even had a chance to do much else...his show starts at 10:30 tonight and I want to be there around 9
WIKKED Yes..I sing them all...
WIKKED Tonight will be even bigger with Nickleback and Theory of a Deadman playing the hill...it is over at 11pm and Craig starts downtown then....it should be CRAZY!!
WIKKED Thank-you very much!!!
WIKKED PEELER is great and killing tonight!!! Everyone came off the hill and went crazy for them!!-You're welcome again!
WIKKED NO..they left right away...so we'll have to do it online or I'll fly out or something? Did you check my guess link? lol
WIKKED "Funny HOW?"" "Like your personal clown?"- Joe Peschi voice
WIKKED Only if it's a birthday party..and I only wear my birthday suit!!! *QUAGMIRE*
JAWZY Hi Wikked - I just noticed a few postings on the front page and I was going to add you to my RADIO ACTIVE Station but I'm confused about where to find your music - are you Peeler, Hardlylucky or just Wikked and retired now? - Shout if you want to GLOW!
WIKKED I'm not well known..I am actually quite quiet onnhere but always lurking and reading...
JAWZY Thanks WIKKED you are now officially Radio Active (chose a HARDLYLUCKY song :)
WIKKED Whatever you think would work Jawzy!! I like your style!
WIKKED Just a real good hunch.....Hints like....do you have music on here? What stations do you frequent? How long have you been on iac?
WIKKED A listener is much tougher than an artist!
WIKKED Time Zone difference FOR SURE!
WIKKED WATCH THIS or listen I mean!!
WIKKED Thanks..it is an older one..
WIKKED Yup..he is my fav-he writes from the soul...only way to go...
WIKKED He is amazing...the main influence for me
WIKKED Not yet but soon....
WIKKED It can take 5 minutes or 5 months depending on where I am pulling it from..case in point...new material..I have lots to say but it isn't for an afternoon
WIKKED It's good to write one quick but I think I like the ones that are more of a challenge...
LWJ Heya Wikked...thanx for stoppin by my blog...always good ta see ya....yeah..Ian Gillan was the shit wasn't he! Rock On!
LWJ Been workin with my new band...should have a full cd done pretty soon...when we get a page up I'll drop the link off to ya. Nuthin like my mellow stuff. Rock On WW!i
WIKKED I was out watching shows and writing and just doing some new things...Haven't had as much time as I need to be on here but I am working on stations today...
WIKKED Yes I have and I am about to bring some more kick ass hard bands to this site so I can take HOLLYWOOD to the top again...
WIKKED Fair enough...England is a pretty safe place though.. ;-)
WIKKED I don't know..I didn't write it and would never presume to have that kind of priviledge...
WIKKED What do you think they mean?
WIKKED No I did not mean you...
lwj hey WW...hope ya don't mind me droppin some ufo on your 'space blog' ha ha ha...rock rock rock
WIKKED Don't Say It's Over
mystic gypsy 777 Just wanted to stop by and say hello ... just lov your page :)
WIKKED WOW..Thanks so much..I am flattered. :-)
WIKKED I am working on new material and not on here..it won't be like it was.
WIKKED Just passing through..;-)
Peeler Hey Old Buddy! Haven't talked to you in a while... how are things???
WIKKED GOOD CRAIG!! How are you man?
WIKKED Hello All!
Greg Hello All!
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      9/29/2022 5:31:14 AM Add Comment
I seem to have learned more from your post. Insights that I never thought of. It was great lolbeans.

Greg Sinclair

      8/11/2006 4:32:27 PM Add Comment
People will be amazed when they learn what can be made from the air in this world, I doubt 1 in 10 thousand ever learns there is enough power within a cubic yard of air to equal the power it takes to fly a jet airplane coast to coast.

Energy can NEVER be used, it is only manipulated. Even the electricity we manipulate must be put into the ground so the electric company can sell us more, that electricity was never "used", it was just channeled for our use and then returned to earth. The electric people HATE those few that take electricity and reuse it over and over and over and don't allow it to be grounded back into the earth.. For many years such info has been kept from the public at great cost...

We need to buy electricity about as much as we need to buy gasoline to power a car, ONLY because of the super power creeps that control the systems do we consume so much of the wrong resources that lead to the pollution/destruction of the air we breathe.

Today many companies have warehouses full of hydrogen generators that run on WATER. They will produce enough electricity for your home and produce no pollution or cost to operate.

Not until the oil is gone and in our case, not until the people of oil rich nations have all been killed (unless they just give us their oil) will things eventually change over to non-oil methods. "IF" you live above oil, your best chance to survive is MOVE AWAY, because BIG BROTHER is going to take it and you may not adapt to living in a land that has been plastered with depleted uranium bombs or whatever else they decide to drop on you....Here is a list and my country is second on it...Are we really safe? Notice a pattern to the places that get attacked? Scary isn't it?

Greatest Oil Reserves by Country, 2006
Rank Country Proved reserves
(billion barrels)
1. Saudi Arabia 264.3
2. Canada 178.8
3. Iran 132.5
4. Iraq 115.0
5. Kuwait 101.5
6. United Arab Emirates 97.8
7. Venezuela 79.7
8. Russia 60.0
9. Liby

Greg Sinclair

      8/7/2006 7:53:41 AM Add Comment
Child, close your eyes
Your fight is over for today
Drift into the peace of sleep
A moment’s rest, dream away

I’ve prayed to have the power
To ease your struggle to breathe
That my touch could save you
And your pain would fall on me

If only I could carry you on my shoulders, wrap you in my arms
Time would lose its meaning, you’d grow older than the stars
But all I can do is sing to you and hope it makes you smile
Dries your tears, if only for a little while
I would take it all away
Give you all of my days
If only my song could do that for you

Tomorrow will come again
Another pointless battle to face
Yet you’ll get through it bravely
With so much strength and grace

If only I could carry you on my shoulders, wrap you in my arms
Time would lose its meaning, you’d grow older than the stars
But all I can do is sing to you and hope it makes you smile
Dries your tears, if only for a little while
I would take it all away
Give you all of my days
If only my song could do that for you

You look to me for guidance, yet you are stronger than I am
I draw my courage from what I see in you
I look everywhere for answers, yet you seem to understand

If only I could carry you on my shoulders, wrap you in my arms
Time would lose its meaning, you’d grow older than the stars
But all I can do is sing to you and hope it makes you smile
Dries your tears, if only for a little while
I would take it all away
Give you all of my days
If only my song could do that for you
If only my song could do that for you
Child, close your eyes


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