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7/23/2024 3:12:59 PM

I was searching for more and came across you on Spotify. I checked out "Hearts Desire" and was really impressed by its rich, dynamic online games sound.


3/3/2024 8:17:55 PM

You have a terrific going vibe. Excellent geometry dash soundcrafting, well-produced parts, and excellent vocals.


3/1/2024 11:17:10 PM

Thanks for letting us know about your song availability on Spotify, Apple Music and band camp.

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Steve April

3/1/2024 3:30:52 PM

Welcome to the site!

Love your new song "Street Lights..." ***



Bryon Tosoff

2/29/2024 8:48:48 PM

Welcome to IndieMusicPeople. you got a great happening vibe. tripping soundcrafting, well produced elements and fine vocals. looking for more, found you also on spotify and check out Hearts Desire, that has some solid happening rich sonics


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