Shawn Hicks-Vocals & Guitars

Shawn and his Breedlove

My new hat!

In a bluesy mood

Your guitar is a reflection of your soul

The lonely railroad track of rock n roll

Rockin on the river

Shawn and his Dean V

Shawn & the boys of LTL rockin

Debut album 2007

Shawn mid-solo

Jeff onstage in Omaha

Shawn in his mid 70's disguise

Keith on his kit

Shawn at setup

Shawn a little grainy

Official LTL Promo

Shawn Hicks-Vox & Guitars

LouderThanLove 2007

LTL onstage in Omaha

Jeff Bliven-Bass Guitars

Keith Bliven-Drums & Percussion

Shawn-loud guitar in a smoky bar

LTL on location

Jeff and his bass

Shawn Hicks

Jeff Bliven

Keith Bliven

Keith Bliven

Shawn Hicks

Shawn's '05 Cayenne Gibson LP Standard

Shawn Hicks

Omaha, NE Dec 2006

Ames, NE...where the hell is that?


LouderThanLove Promo '06

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