We have once again succumbed to a musical depression; Brit Pop culture has been moved from centre stage, to a painfully clear vantage point as our airwaves become saturated with cliché lyrics and monotonous melodies. Tawdry reality TV shows act as a seemingly endless supply of generic and forgettable pop stars. More and more bands are manufactured rather than formed, and there’s a new generation that are conditioned into thinking that texting votes to a TV station is a worthwhile contribution to these “monumental”, maybe even “historical” events.
Aidy aka singer/songwriter/producer Adrian Killens has proved that within this depression there are still more diverse lyrical subject matters out there, other than “broken relationships” and “Friday night drinking”. His conception ‘The Pilot Episode’ explores a whole new lyrical spectrum from science fiction in ‘They’re Coming’ to the second coming of Christ in ‘Humans’. This lyrically cinematic album, ironically starting with a track entitled ‘The Awful Cliché’, is filled with surreal worlds, haunting melodies, and contemplative moods.

Born and raised in Essex, Aidy has always made music large part of his life, and learning to play guitar immediately turned into an output for his creativity. Early song writing and recording soon developed into playing in bands, playing open mic nights, frequenting recording studios, running fanzines and developing his skills as a producer. Though after several years of playing with other musicians, and gigging around Essex and London, he had become distracted from his original ideas and goals. It was then that Aidy decided to take time out to concentrate on what was most important to him, a collection of his own music. Without collaboration, compromise, or interference Aidy went through the process of recording alone, six months later he emerged with his debut album ‘The Pilot Episode’.

Maybe Brit Pop is dead? Maybe recent times, have forced the music industry into a slow downward spiral, of dull lifeless songs? Maybe image and celebrity status have become more important than the music itself? But listen to the album. It has a mind of it’s own.

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Aidy’s homicidal tune entitled Fifteen Grand has been featured in the recently released Bad Trip, an independent US movie starring Ethan Suplee, Kevin Connolly and Coolio. Written and directed by Chris Palzis, Bad Trip tells the true story of two best friends Josh and Sam, who find themselves being accused of drug trafficking by a local sheriff whilst on a road trip through the backwoods of America.

Check out www.goseebadtrip.com for more details.
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