VIETNAM COMBAT VETERAN Sarge did three tours of duty in Vietnam, 1966-'67-'68. His first tour was eleven months in the jungle with the 101st Airborne Paratroopers as a combat infantryman. During that time he advanced to Squad Leader. Sarge came down with malaria three times, jungle-rot, immersion-foot, two varieties of internal parasites, a shrapnel wound in his leg, exposure to Agent Orange, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which Sarge says is the ""Vietnam Blues"". Sarge received the Purple Heart, the Good Conduct medal, a Vietnam Service Medal with 1 Bronze Service Star and 1 Silver Service Star, Parachute Jump Wings, the Combat Infantryman Badge, the National Defense Service Medal, the Vietnam Campaign Medal, the Army Commendation Medal, a Valorous Unit Emblem, a Republic Of Vietnam Gallantry Cross With Palm Unit Citation Badge, and five Over-Seas Bars.

POET Sarge Lintecum is a leading slam poet (performance art poet) in Arizona, and slam master, having hosted Poetry Slams for over three years. He has been an organizer and national competing member of the Phoenix Slam Poetry Team from 1992, when he competed that year in Boston, to 1996. At the 1994 Annual National Slam Poetry Competition in Asheville, North Carolina Sarge won the Slam Haiku competition making him the 1994 National Slam Haiku Champion of the USA, and inspiring him to write his 160 page book, ""Sarge's Little Book of Haiku"". This book was Sarge's second book of poetry, preceded by ""The Vietnam Blues and Other Really Radical Writings."" (50 pages) Sarge's third book, ""Vietnam Vet Will Work For Food"" (30 pages) will touch your heart.

SONGWRITER Sarge's blues music, spoken word, and jazz recording, ""Vietnam Blues-Combat Tested Blues . . . For Peace"", (on CD and cassette), on which Sarge sings, plays harmonica, and wrote the songs and poems has received five Honorable Mention Certificates in Billboard Magazine's National Song Contest.

MUSICIAN Sarge, a fine harmonica player, is endorsed and sponsored by Lee Oskar, of WAR fame, (Low Rider, etc.) and owner of the Lee Oskar Harmonica Company. Lee Oskar has come to Phoenix, Arizona, on five occasions to do benefit concerts that Sarge and his wife and business partner, Leslie Nan Lintecum, conceived of and organized.

SINGER Sarge has a powerful voice and stage presence. He performs at concerts and veterans' events around the nation. Sarge's recording, ""Vietnam Blues-Combat Tested Blues... For Peace"", has been played around the world on short-wave radio on Doc Upton's Vietnam Veterans Radio Network by Radio For Peace International. Mr. & Mrs. Sarge Enterprises advertises ""Vietnam Blues-Combat Tested Blues . . . For Peace"", in the US and many countries around the world.

TEACHER Sarge and Leslie have home taught their four children, (two now grown), and Sarge teaches: poetry, the Vietnam War, haiku poetry, performance art poetry, and peace classes by personal appearances for ten and twenty day workshops through the Arizona Commission on the Arts Residency Roster. Grants are available to cover half of the cost.

BENEFIT ORGANIZER ""Harmonicas Against Hunger"" for Saint Mary's Food Bank featuring Lee Oskar and Sarge took place at the Rhythm Room Blues Bar two years in a row (1992 & '93). Lee also did a benefit with Sarge and Leslie for the Vietnam Veterans of America Post #432, Phoenix Chapter. Sarge and Leslie do benefits for the CASS Homeless Shelter in Phoenix and many other charities with great need.

SPEAKER Sarge is much in demand as a speaker at schools, clubs, churches, and on radio, and TV. Audiences of all ages find Sarge captivating, thought provoking, and informative.

MASTER OF CEREMONIES Sarge is an entertainer, and that really shows when he hosts an event. Sarge has hosted hundreds of poetry events, a series of AIDS benefits, and all of the benefits and shows that he and Leslie produce.


Highly decorated, three-tour Vietnam Combat Veteran

Singer, song writer, musician, poet

Look for Sarge on CMT! (Country Music Television) The show is: ""Small Town Secrets,"" the episode with Sarge is: ""Cowgirls, Combines and Commandos."" Sarge performs his song, ""Buried In The Bone Yard Blues that he wrote for this show."" Sarge's segment was filmed at the airplane bone yard in Tucson, Arizona.

Sarge's song, ""Sister Soldier"" is in the awesome film, ""In The Shadow of the Blade"" that can be seen on the MILITARY channel! In The Shadow Of The Blade, featuring Sarge's song, ""Sister Soldier"" has been released on DVD and sound track CD on Veterans Day 2004! ITSOTB is being aired worldwide on the Military channel (formerly Discovery Wings channel).

This is an amazing film that has won ""Best Documentary"" and ""Best of Show,"" at the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, 2004.

It has also been awarded the Vietnam Veterans of America President's Award for Outstanding Documentary.

1994 Slam Haiku Champion of the United States

Member of ASCAP

Roster artist for the Arizona Commission on the Arts

Song writer with five Honorable Mention Certificates in the Billboard Magazine Song Contest

Homeless advocate

Contributor of music and poetry to documentaries on homeless veterans and PTSD, including, Lost Warriors produced at Florida State University and Journey of Healing produced by Pacific Islands Division, National Center for PTSD, Honolulu, Hawaii

Combat Fatigue
This song includes M-60 machine-gun fire, a Phantom Jet airstrike and awesome musicians.

Blues Rock

Sister Soldier
This song is a favorite with women veterans and features Chico Chism on drums. (Former drummer for the late, great Howlin' Wolf)


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Leslie and I got a call from a producer at Planet Grande Pictures who was making a documentary for CMT. They wanted me to write and perform a blues song about the airplane bone yard. I only had six days until Leslie and I were to go to the airplane bone yard in Tucson to meet a film crew that was coming in from California so we got busy.

As we were on our way to Tucson we got a call from the producer saying that the plane with the film crew was running late. The Davis Monthan Air Base folks had only given us one hour to have access to the bone yard so the Planet Productions folks had arranged for us to film at an airplane restoration business that had their own bone yard.

They filmed me for three hours including an in-depth interview and my performance of my new blues song, ""Buried in the Bone Yard Blues,"" plus they had me do a lot of free style harmonica playing. It takes me weeks to memorize a new song and as we only had six days to prepare, Leslie made me big Q-Cards with a verse on each one so I was able to simulate that I knew what I was doing. They had me standing beside the carcass of an old C-130. It turns out that I had flown in C-130s seven times while in the Army, but being a paratrooper I had only landed in one of the seven planes.

The documentary will show on CMT on September 30, 2005 and re-run after that. The producer told me that the documentary should have a long shelf life of three to five years. (That means it will be aired many times.)

The producer and film crew were all very nice folks and really got into what I was doing. On the way home as we were almost to Phoenix a car honked beside us and it was the producer and film crew in their rental van headed for the Phoenix Airport to fly to Reno to interview some Special Forces guys. They waved hello and then got behind us and filmed the back of our car going down the freeway for about fifteen minutes. I am very proud of my Purple Heart license plates that say ""3 TOUR"" but the plate segment didn't make it out of the editing room.

Sarge on Country Music Television (CMT)
See for future showings

Show: Small Town Secrets

Episode: Cowgirls, Combines and Commandos

This episode of CMT Small Town Secrets features the private armies training in Hawthorne, Nev.; the Redneck Games of East Dublin, Ga.; the strong women known as the American Cowgirl Chicks in Weatherford, Texas; the fighting tractors of the demolition derby in Lind, Wash.; and a graveyard for airplanes in Pima County, Ariz.

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