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5/2/2006 1:05:50 AM
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Even when you're gone - Ohad R

How am I supposed to move on with my life?
What am I gonna do with all this pain?
Why do I keep on talking even though you're not here?
Tell me please yea yea yea
Cause you're not here

And even when you're gone
Your heart is still with me
It's hard to move on knowing that you'll never be with me
Your picture is on the wall
And once a year your candles burn
And people tell me anything like the days go by
And you will see that life is full of good things you can reach

How can I move on and you're not around?
And what am I gonna do with all this love?
Why do they keep on saying that I’m gonna be just fine?
Tell me please yea yea yea
Cause you're not here



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