Hi and welcome!G started playing guitar at the age of 13.Because of a health problem,his Dad brought home a guitar to fill his boredom,and well,you know the rest!His first song learned on guitar was "House Of The Rising Sun".He would sit on his front porch and play that song over and over.He soon joined a band and began playing other songs,"Hang On Sloopy","Wipe-Out" and other popular songs of the times.Before he knew it he and the band were being taken,by G's Dad, to the local VFW to play every Friday night for the whopping pay of $13.00 each.From there the group would be taken out to the local ice cream shop for treats.Of course each member payed their own way with the money they had just made.After those years of (invaluable!) experience,G started a group in High School,named,The Montegos and Shaft,you remember the song...right"Shaft"...Shut Your Mouth!The group was an all white band backing up 5 black singers,who did steps to each song,performing Motown and Rock!Again G's Dad assisted whenever needed.The band did quite well actually,performed with Betty Wright,"Clean Up Woman",a r&b singer and a solo singer,Lobo..."Me You And A Dog Named Boo".From there G attended college locally at Mount Olive College,for classical music and then Berklee School Of Music for jazz.While attending Mount Olive College he took private lessons from the in-residence guitarist Rick Madriguera(took master classes under Andre Segovia).While at school locally,he was instructing guitar at a local military base or night classes at the local community college.After music studies,G went"on the road",traveling up and down the East Coast and through the Mid West,playing mainly cover songs.He later started opening shows for or appearing with,The Temptations,Barry White,Delbert McClinton,OC Smith and many others.G was performing with The Breeze Band for those shows and appearances.To date he has performned in the US,Europe and Saudi Arabia.He has also written and produced jingles for radio stations and commercials for tv.

G's cd's are a musical experience in many styles of music,playing Jazz,Funk,Blues and New Age and Acoustic.These various styles can be found on both, "The Journey"and the "Slo-Vib" cd's.Both cd's maintain the melodic feel and playing,other musicians call"tasteful"...

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