in early spring of 1999 singer/songwriter zé mari puts an ad in the paper looking for other musicians to start a new kind of soul band.
philipp, hartmut, thomas, arno and zé come together succesfully and name their band after the 1993 German motion picture “durst” (‘thirst’).
“the enormous intensity of this motion picture is the goal for what we want to create” says zé mari.
in may of `99 thirst. plays live for the first time in their home base of cologne.
one year later they release their first cd “elmowa ep”.
as a consequence of their regular live appearances in germany, the band enjoys an ever growing fan base.
they perform nationwide in front of thousands of people in venues such as stadtgarten/cologne, cch/hamburg, b-flat/berlin, thalia/schwerin as well as at open-air festivals such as ringfest/cologne, taubertal festival/rotenburg, and make numerous radio and television appearances (nbc, fab, bayerisches fernsehen).
in 2004 thirst. release their debut album “thirst.” in germany, austria and switzerland, published by the independent label elmowa records and distributed by al!ve.
following the success of their first album, thirst. release their second album “aphro” in the fall of 2006.


indie soul

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Hattie Wilcox Whoa WhOA WHOA! You guys are WHITE! From Germany! Wondered where in the world this soul was being sung! I grew up in the south US and this is what I ate for breakfast. Hats off. Gotta have this in my car, I'm on listen #3--Best, Hattie
Hattie Wilcox Okay, I'm goin' to thirstweb to put my money down. I miss this sound so much and you have brought it back. Lead vocals are smokin' urgent poetic liquid my heart is awakened. Electronic arrangement is as tasty and authentic as Carolina barbecue and
Hattie Wilcox . . . illegal whiskey. I can feel the funk, too. Well, well, well.
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the new album ‚aphro’:

electronic soul with the distinctive sound of thirst. and a singer that really gets under your skin.
captivating, danceable soul combined with contemporary electronic music.
provocative and moving.
following the acclaim of their debut album, this new album – patiently awaited by fans – surpasses all expectations.
“a bold departure into uncharted waters” one might say.
the band’s progressive combination of distinctive warm soul and elements of electronic music will surprise and captivate.
the singer delivers provocative and critical statements in a riveting voice.
aphro – inspired by the greek goddess of love, lust, beauty and sexuality. the title of the album is a play on words – aphrodite and the afro-american musical bonds.
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