Well, it's difficult to sum up all the energy, emotion and thought that goes into creating something that, in essence, portrays the personality of four people. First of all, Left Hand Daisy is comprised of four guys who love music. Who live, eat and sleep music. And every time they hear a new song, their opinions instantly flourish, and are made known.

Left Hand Daisy is an attempt to take all that the four of us like about music, and put it into one sound. Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, and Emotion.

The sound Left Hand Daisy arrives at is a mix of 80's Punk and Indie, 90's Alternative, and the Emo and Indie Rock of today. The listener arrives at a place that is familiar, yet indistinguisable. Understanding that this is not your average sound of a pop-rock band of today, nor yesterday, but a seemingly perfect mix of the best elements of each. Driving guitar, hard-hitting drums, intricate vocal melodies and emotional lyrics. Without each element placed where it is, Left Hand Daisy would be a very different band.

Without songs like 'Gigantic' from the Pixies, 'Grey Cell Green' from Ned's Atomic Dustbin, 'Joe Ray' from Fountains of Wayne, 'The Sound of Settling' from Death Cab for Cutie, 'Mable' from Goldfinger, and 'You Are So Last Summer' from Taking Back Sunday, Left Hand Dasiy could not exist.

Praise be of the bands of yesterday, that explored uncharted territory, and taught us so much about what great music should, and shouldn't be.

Rock on.

Apartment A
Mid-paced, heartfelt rock song.


Girl That Smiled Roses
Ballad-esque...faster paced. Acoustic.


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Left Hand Daisy