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Refreshingly original, always interesting - Jimmy Bear Pearson, a musical recording artist, has a passion for music. His music crosses a diverse and fantastic range of genres. Whether you enjoy rock, peaceful acoustic instrumentals, electronic rock, blues, or pop music - there is something in Jimmy's repertoire that you will find to touch your heart and soul.

musical stories for the soul

The music he makes is conceived, performed, and engineered by himself (one track at a time) in his living area using a variety of guitars and instruments - all of which is mixed down to tunes with his Macintosh computer. The music is clean and clear, and is created to have a live (human) quality, but with just a touch of color as though lots of different people are playing the parts. Listen carefully to the music - it will take you on a journey you will sincerely enjoy!

Lonely But Not Alone
Lonely But Not Alone is a tune about homelessness - but told from the perspective of the homeless person... I was thinking of B.B. King's style of soulful blues - although I'm not a millionth the musician B.B. is, I felt that his style would sing the piece best.


Requiem For Syd Barrett - Allegretto
Requiem For Syd Barrett - Allegretto is the rock/electronic movement of a Requiem I composed and recorded as a tribute to Syd Barrett.


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