Though officially unreleased since it's recording in 1999, Stella (U.S.)'s American Weekend album has maintained a clandestine life its own. Bootleg copies passed between friends and fans and seemingly the only way to hear the album was through a pirate copy. Until now. Coming in July of 2006, Yesman Records is proud to announce the long awaited second release from this superlative rock band.

With eye-opening contributions from Cheap Trick's bassist Tom Petersson and South Carolina's extraordinary Danielle Howle, Stella (U.S)'s second full length American Weekend expands on the guitar driven detonation of their first Beggars Banquet album Ascension. Stella's second offering displays more ambient six-string treatments, especially when conjuring lush, night drowned ballads like the twilight-lit mood of ""Sunday,"" or singer Perkins' Nick Cave-esque duet with Howle on ""NYC."" Still capable of creating wide sound fields with over-driven electric guitars and a pounding rhythm section, ""Nashville"" and ""Breakdown"" showcase the band at full throttle. The recordings mark both a growth and a departure for Stella (U.S.). While upping the ante on muscular guitar work and driving rhythms, the band also takes bold steps towards executing more fragile treatments of down tempo songs and ballads.



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LWJ Hey u guys...not sure if you're aware of it, but 'NYC' and 'New Age Special" aren't able to be heard...would luv to hear em. Rock On!'
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