From the sands of the Mojave to the banks of the Mississippi...

The Mescal Sheiks are Los-Angeles-based musicians and songwriters who first collaborated on various Hangan Brothers projects.

Now, drawing collectively from their culturally diverse backgrounds in the New York,Chicago, Arkansas and L.A. music scenes, they have combined a unique blend of ingredients to create their own dynamic gumbo -- sometimes greasy, often funky, inevitably rootsy, and always soulful!

How Long
Gospel driven R&B Blues


It Doesn't Really Matter
Horn Driven Soul/Blues


Better Get Ta Steppin'
Memphis Rock n' Roll

Roots Rock

Honey The Night Is Young
Chicago Delta Shuffle


This World Is Not My Home
Acapella Spritual Gospel Blues


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David Spencer and Dynamic Productions

2/22/2009 9:59:33 AM
Hello my name is David Spencer, and my group Dynamic Productions just released our first independent release entitled, "Created to Praise," Stop by and have a listen! Thanks!



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Paul Hey guys! I'm trying to get you on the Undergroud 40 chart here. Please don't change this song for a couple of weeks! Thanks! (PS, I'd love to be able to HEAR some of your other stuff!)
Paul the "song" is "fool for you" by the way. That's the only song that you can stream; Please leave this song streamable for awhile. We'd love to be able to include you on this Chart....
staggerlee hi---trying to listen to your river song for my river station...won't play...are you reloading a different mix or such?
Johnny B. Dig your stuff. I've added you to our Big Dog Radio. All the best From, "Big Dogs That Talk"
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This one fine, sophisticated and unique hybrid of influences makes this one album not to be ignored..The Mescal Sheiks are made up of a group of musicians and songwriters based in Los Angeles, who first collaborated on various Hangan Brothers projects. Though California they are, not all started out in the Golden State. Points of origin for the diverse crew, made up of Clabe Hangan (on vocals), Rick Solem (on keyboards and vocals), Rick Smith (on harmonica) and Dean Sterling (on guitar and vocals) vary widely, and include New York, Chicago, and Arkansas. All this makes for some powerful and impressive crosscurrents of which they exploit to the hilt. Like a bowl of fruit tossed into a blender, the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Musically, that same principal equals inventiveness, risk-taking and things that are new. The depth of talent on this project is further expanded by bass player Michael Barry, drummer Albert Trepagnier, Jr., guitarist Billy Watts, backing vocalist Elizabeth Hangan, percussionist Billy Sullivan, and the gold standard duo among all horn sections these days, the Texacali Horns- made up of Joe Sublett on tenor sax and Darrell Leonard on trumpet (known for their distinguished work as members of the Phantom Blues Band). Maybe it's the weather, or something else, but there is something unique about a city that can spawn outfits like War and Los Lobos. There is something about both the Hangan Brothers, and now The Mescal Sheiks, that comes from that same fertle soil. This is American music all the way, and it draws life from any number of influences, not the least of which is the blues. Thirteen tunes. Highly recommended.

George P. Seedorff - Big City Blues Magazine (Apr 15, 2006)


This group is related to the Hangan Brothers, who we reviewed sometime back there. Clabe Hangan is the singer, and Rick Smith is playing harmonica, but the other musicians are different, and this CD is more of a Soul/Blues/R&B effort where the earlier title was kinda Country Blues. Clabe's wife Elizabeth also sings, giving a Staples Singers feel to some tracks. While the group is listed a 4 piece (keyboards, harmonica, guitar and vocals), extra help is provided by the Texacali Horns and rhythm section players. "Got To Have Me Two" has a nice funky down home feel. Keyboard player Rick Solem also does some of the singing, as on "Better Get Ta Steppin" with a nice two beat feel. All the tunes are original to the group, with Solem having his hands on most, and guitarist Dean Sterling also having a hand in 9 of the 13 tunes. Harmonica player Rick Smith and Hangan also are involved in some of the writing. "Fool For You" has a Taj Mahal ("She Caught The Katy") feel. "Honey The Night Is Young" is a nice lazy shuffle. "Walking To The River" returns to that Gospel feel as does the title song. I like the organ on "Baby Whatcha Do" and "Sugar Hoodoo" has that second line feel, and may be my favorite track."

Marc Bristol - Blue Suede News Summer 2006 Issue #75

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