Since the year 1995 both components of Lêndi Vexer, have navigate solitary in the cold waters of Trip hop trying to make the tide marry them so that they become one chemically compatible person.
That first work together was in the year 2000.

In that 5 year-old prologue, both were developing for different roads and ways their own vision of the trip hop that soon would compose together.

In those times end of century, DG was working on a project (Abduction Kirlian (r)) with a musician friend who was the initial bond by means of a DJ friend between this last one and Natalie.

The first test with the recommended singer was surprising, she had a potential that supplemented exactly the project, a project that was then small when discovering its other gifts as multi-instrumentalist, since she arrived in a very humble way it has become a habit.

DG had to continue deepening his orchestrations, when seeing that these inspired the voice of Natalie tremendously, while he only continued in that career, there was created a stronger and stronger connection, until they ended up knowing the expressions of the other one and has their own code. While Natalie and DG worried about their friend's absence, he was in a spiritual and pseudo-personal trance"" that didn't allow him to return to the project not to see his friends.

Already as a duo, from the year 2000, they went by the name of A.D.N AnyDayNow""(r) before arriving at the definitive name of Lêndi Vexer defined this way:

Two impelled artists to spill out deep songs about having decided feelings and aspects of life, with intense lyrics, sometimes introspective, full of queries or retrospective with strong critics to human arrogance, the cruelty of the Christianity, the modern man's frivolity, etc...
Always based on the reflexive aspect of the Down tempo and Trip hop with a hypnotic and orchestral tint, minimal and rough at moments, clearly distanced by the soft skin of the chill-out.
The dirt and natural roughness of their sound is invoked with their old school equipment of triphop that they have gone on harvesting minutely from their beginnings.
This environment acoustic-vintage is seconded by the electronics and reinforced with the different abilities in both components, as the orchestrations and programmings of DG and the singular voice of Natalie and their ability with the mystic Theremin.

Looking for my time

Trip Hop

Suicidal adage

Trip Hop

Tribute to desolation


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Lendi Vexer is in the pre-production period of what will be their next LP.

The company Jun Group Entertainment, Inc. is producing a television Show called ""The scene"" that is transmitted from U.S.A and in the entire world the users can download the Episodes free in the web.
Jun Group Entertainment, Inc has chosen to be part of the Soundtrack of the Episode 10 the tracks:
· Nothing was special.
· Nothing was special (Everything is special-Mr.bollinger Mix)
· Suicidal adage.
· Tribute to desolation.

Stereotape Records:
Lendi Vexer has just founded their indie label called Stereotape Records (r) whose first launching will be the LP of their responsibility that they are preparing.
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