About ELiH

ELiH is a recipe of melody, electronica, and a redemption song.
ELiH is the story of Bryan and Nicole Verrone. We met just out of
college in the North Carolina Triad area, both looking for direction,
both with musical pulses. Bryan is originally from the Washington
DC area and Nicole was born and raised outside of Charlotte, NC.
Bryan's ear is fine tuned for production and editing. He plays
drums, percussions, bass, guitar, piano, keyboards, and
freestyles on occasion. Nicole writes and sings. Chemistry
was present from the first millisecond. Immediately, songs
began to brew.
After we married (and had three little girls), we decided to
redeem our time and capture a few songs.
Bryan's first CD release *Pirate Eye Patch* ""Beats For Sale""
was being promoted nationally with grassroots music and
continues to be recognized world wide. He was anxious to
explore other musicality.
Bryan masterfully creates sounds and their marriage to tempo
and their reunion with perfection. ELiH's music is a reflection
of the cool of the divine. ELiH is an alternative and true picture
into musical freedom with an entire rhythmic applause.
The Verrones live in the Charlotte, NC suburbs and raise
their 3 daughters; 7(Madison), 6(Mya), and 3(Ele Blue).
We squeeze into the ""kitchen studios"" for recording sessions
on date nights and late nights. The name ELiH came from a
white stone (Rev. 2:17) that was delivered by angels one
morning about 6 years ago just after they met this
guy named Jesus. BTW...This one's for Him.

(ELiH) -- Eternal Life in Him --

Time (I remember the day...)

Electronic Pop

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