Raised and cultured in Ontario's North J. Ryan Primrose spends a great deal of his time with his dog wandering around the bush and reading archaeology, systems of governement, and feminist philosophy.

He can be found supporting the local bars and coffee shops of New Liskeard or purchasing 100 year old tools at public auctions.

Ebay isn't as intimidating as it once sounded to me... I managed to get a great little tube preamp! Soon the new tunes will become a reality. All I need to do now is some work that I will get paid for...

Good day to all, hope you enjoy the tunes, leave a message in the "Shout" section if you enjoy.

I will get to resizing the photos soon, sorry for the long load time.


A white voice from a red world
This is a song about Archie Belany (Grey Owl) and his relationship with the Temagami Native and the European fur trade.

Alternative Indie Folk

A bottle for pain
This is another recorded at the Road B Chateau. A tune that many will be able to relate to.

folk punk

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August 12th is the official release date of "verily and forsooth"

This full length is my first release. It will be sold for 10 dollars +shipping and available by contacting me through email.

The 16 songs are all original. Performances on the album are my own with wonderful contributions by Mark Bradford of Punch Me Hard.

"verily and forsooth" was recorded at the Road B Chateau and mixed and mastered at Ogeriff Studio.

Hope you enjoy it!!!

Fred's great northern pinic was a blast... I may recover in a couple of more days... The line-up was amazing. If you want to check out Fred's site it is www.fredeaglesmith.com Other great performances include Roger Marin and the Marinated Marionettes and Romi Mayes. I am not sure of their pages but I am certain they exist.

Hope things are well for everyone.


Good things are afoot. I just purchased a tube preamp so now I am one step closer to getting my new songs recorded.... if I could only borrow a mic... anyone? A Shure 58?.... let me know if you have one to part with.


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