There are those that say and those that do. 30 Second Summerville is built from those that do. When Ontario metalers Ritual crashed and burned in early 2003, lead singer Sean Harley retreated into his home studio and embark on a journey of musical fulfillment like no other. Having a fairly successful run with Ritual, Sean realized a change was needed. Not that what Ritual was doing was wrong, quite the contrary, the years spent chipping away at the music scene were some of the best years, musically, he'd ever had. From sharing the stage with some of North America's biggest acts (Sum41, April Wine, Headstones, Voi Vod, L.A. Guns, ect) to recording in world class studios (Metalworks, Phase One, Distortion), to having music picked up by various TV Shows (Witchblade), extreme sports videos (Snowmobiling Canada), and TV Appearances (Tom Green), being a member of Ritual was always a learning experience, Rock 101. But as with all good things, they do come to an end. So, with the motto ""Inspiration not perspiration"" Sean proceeded to write and demo over 30 songs which would later become the build blocks of 30 Second Summerville.

With demo in hand Sean proceeded to put together a group a musicians he felt could best reproduce his vision. First Sean approach former Ritual band mate and guitarist Daryl Kiviaho and explained his plan. He also mentioned that he knew of a bass player that would fit into the mix excellently, Matt Levac. Daryl agreed and shortly there after Matt was also on board. The final piece of the puzzle was Shane Levac, who having played in several bands with Matt, was a logical choice to fill in drumming duties. With the line-up solidified, the band soon to known as 30 Second Summerville, proceeded to write 10 songs in 8 weeks with each member contributing their own songs, style, ideas, and attitude, a far cry from the original demos Sean introduced the band early on...

As the old saying goes ""surround yourself with good people and you will do good things"", the same can be said with music. 30 Second Summerville make great music so expect great things from 30 Second Summerville.


Heavy melodic rock

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